Stitch Fix #1: Yea, I’m Keeping the Wrap Dress!

Stitch Fix #1: Yea, I'm Keeping the Wrap Dress!

I came across Stitchfix on my Facebook feed, and boy am I glad I decided to give it a try. I was nervous at first, because, let’s be honest…doesn’t it seem like everything is a scam any more? I read the FAQs about the site and this is how I broke it down: It’s $20 for a stylist to pick out your “Stitchfix.” They go based on the sizes, the styles, the comments and descriptions that you create on your user profile. They pick 5 items for you and ship them on the date you pick. (You have the option to schedule your own Stitchfix each time or sign up for a monthly Stichfix.) I chose to schedule my own each time, monthly was a little too much for me I think!

Once they ship your 5 items your card is charged the $20. The items arrive in a box, you try them on at home, pick what you like, and send the rest back in a prepaid envelope that I literally just stuck back in my mailbox, SO convenient. If you keep something, your $20 that you were charged goes toward the price of that item, if you don’t keep anything you lose your $20. Basically it’s $20 to have someone pick out clothes for you, ship them to your house, and pay for you to return them. Game on.

Along with the 5 items they mail to you, they also send you a style card (I’ll add the picture in another post,) of how to style the items they sent you, and suggestions for wearing them.

I loved trying the items on at home, with no pressure to get in and out of a dressing room or to make a speedy decision about something. All the prices are listed out for you, and honestly they are higher prices than I was expecting. Think Nordstrom pricing, (I’m a huge TJ Maxx shopper so I say expensive, might not be to you.) That being said, I fell in LOVE with the designer jeans they sent, They fit my body and my curves perfectly, (photo to come at a later date.) I also fell in love with a wrap dress in Navy that could be worn to basically anything. I wore it last night to go see Mamma Mia (amazing show, if you’re able to see it I highly recommend going.)

I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2 shirts and necklace that they sent, so I packed those up in the shipping envelope, and stuck them in my mailbox to be returned.

Checkout was super easy. I just went back to my Stitchfix page: and reviewed each item they sent in detail. How was the fit, how was the price, how was the style? Then you choose Yes/No for each item. Once you have reviewed each item it totals the cost for you, and charges your card. I am a huge fan of easy shopping, and now, of Stitchfix!

The photo you see is me in the Navy Dress. I learned pretty quickly that taking a “selfie” is much harder than I thought. I wanted to show a side view because the dress cut in at all the right places. It had a nice v-neck opening, I paired it with a necklace I already owned. The dress cinches in all the right places, it’s super flattering, (When I showed my husband the dress he said immediately “That’s a keeper.”) I’m a curvy girl and this dress really does a curvy girl justice. Hides where you want and accentuates where you like.

I cannot say enough good things about my first Stitch Fix. I will post again when I wear the jeans!

I scheduled my next fix for March, this time asking for all tops, as I seemed to really miss with those on my last fix.

I’ll keep you updated with my crazy trials with this, and any advice or fun things I find.

Here’s to new adventures!

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  1. Kristin says:

    I got this dress in my recent fix, too and LOVED it, but it was too big 😦 Glad it worked for you!

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      Thanks! Hey, if it didn’t work out, that’s what new fixes are for right? 🙂 Happy “StitchFixing!”

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