Dining Room Decor Adventures

dining room

Owning a home has been an adventure all its own. I think the best thing about owning a home is realizing what your style is. I’m constantly shocked by my tastes in certain decor, certain colors…It’s really great to discover yourself as you create your perfect home. I think that is the key to not driving yourself crazy with home owning, you need to discover what YOU like. It doesn’t matter if there’s something gorgeous on Pinterest, if it’ not YOU, then forget it. Make your home some place that you love. Make it your own. Make it one of a kind. (I still struggle with this all the time, especially when I’m in Pier 1 or Pottery Barn house dreaming, as I like to call it.)

I kid you not, I really struggled with Dining room decor. In my head I thought “Well Dining Rooms are supposed to be formal right?” I searched pinterest, I went back and forth on wall colors. What I soon realized is my husband and I are not “formal” people, so why was I trying to force it to be this formal room? We are people who like casual dinners with friends, who love to travel, who love to laugh, and who love to sit and share stories with friends over a great glass of wine (me,) or a fantastic IPA (him.)

With some inspiration from one of our favorite couples, I came up with a perfect solution…what about a travel wall? Our friends had a fantastic one they started together in their basement, but why not on our Dining Room wall? Who says you have to hang some fancy mirror, or painting? Why not have photos of places we have traveled and a map with push pins of all the places we have been. It’s a great conversation starter for people who are over, but the most important thing, it keeps us dreaming as a couple. We can keep dreaming of the places we still want to go and the things we still want to see. I like that in a Dining Room. A place to enjoy a meal, share stories, and continue to dream of where you will go together.

The photo above is the start of our wall as we figure out how we want to place things. I found a fantastic girl on Etsy who made custom map prints in any color you could want. It wasn’t cheap but we knew we wanted something specific and this would be around for a while. I got the silver frame at a Kmart for $30 and took out the plastic front part so we can just put the pins right in. The other photos were from our various trips that I had blown up at Walgreens, and the frames were a $29.99 set from TJ Maxx (my favorite place in the world.) The whole set came together and had suggestions of how to place all the frames together on your wall. The upper right hand corner is the canvas I had made from a photo I took on our Seattle/Portland trip of the Oregon Coast. I realized, why pay for other people’s photos when we took pretty great ones on our own? Not only is it our photo, but it means more hanging on our wall. I waited for a Groupon to come up for Canvas on Demand and got that bad boy for $29.00, normally $75.00 or something crazy.

I cannot wait to get all of these items up on our wall. When I get everything up there I will definitely take a photo and share. I think the best part of all of this is realizing, our home is OUR home. We can design it how we want, we can make it our own unique space that reflects us. It’s something that I struggled with but now, I’m starting to really enjoy designing and creating our home. It’s just another small adventure in my life!

Here’s to the next adventure….another Stitch Fix has arrived and I have a new shirt love. Will post soon!

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  1. kurumama says:

    Etsy map looks uber chic! In case you are printing more photos, I just wanted to share the photo printing site I use (recently recommended to me by some of my mommy friends): myphotopipe.com. They are nice quality prints at very reasonable prices! Dining room looks great though, love the color! Can’t wait for your next stitch fix post! Can you post a picture of all the items that came in the box (maybe just laid out so we can see what else they sent you?) I think I will try it in the next couple weeks, I’ll use your link!

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      Hey lady! I will totally take photos of all the items next time. My next one is on April 16th and I’ll post photos of all the items to give you a better idea. I’m planning on wearing my new shirt tomorrow so I’ll take some photos and post.

      I requested all shirts in the April round so I’ll lay out everything 🙂

      Thanks so much for the prints site I love it! Always great to find better ways to print!

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