Stitch Fix #2: A Dress Up/Dress Down Top

Stitch Fix #2: A Dress Up/Dress Down Top

Recently I realized that 27 is a hard age to dress. I still fit into younger clothes, but I just don’t feel like I should be wearing everything I try on. One of the best things about doing Stitchfix is that they send me “age appropriate” clothing, or things I wouldn’t normally pick up in a store. I have been trying to find clothes that are cute, flattering and meant more for my age. What I found is that can be a real challenge at times. Other than constantly shopping at Ann Taylor Loft, Stitchfix is really helping me build my “Adult” Wardrobe.

This past Fix, I asked for as many shirts as possible. Stitch fix sent me a sleeveless blouse, much like the one I’m wearing in the photo, which I would have kept if the color had been different. It was a maroon color and the color was a bit matronly is how I would describe it. I tried everything on for my husband because, God Bless him, he is honest. His first words for the maroon top were “It makes you look too old.” Done and Done. That one went right back into the return bag. The cut of the shirt was amazing though, So I let the Stitchfix Stylist know I loved the shirt, not the color.

The next shirt they sent me was the one you see in the photo. CLEARLY I love it. I love it for its bright color, the sheer material and the cut. I wore it a couple of different ways in the photo because that’s what I like about it. It’s super long, which normally I would avoid, but I thought, “hey now, try new things Megan.” I looked up different “tucking techniques” on pinterest, I’m not even kidding. Laugh away. I literally wear shirts that you put on, that’s that, no fuss…so this tucking thing is new to me. The best thing about this shirt is that you can tuck it totally in with a skirt (not pictured,) or half tuck, full front tuck and back part out, or wear the whole thing out and long (bottom right photo,) and you could absolutely pair this with leggings and boots as well.

I like versatility. If I’m going to spend money on a shirt I want to be able to wear it a few ways, with a few things. This color works with the black Target jeans I have on, I plan to wear it with leggings and boots for travel this fall, and I have some dark wash denim that it pairs well with. I threw on my Target Leopard flats (that I scored for $3.99) and I’m ready for dinner with the hubby and friends tonight.

The other items I sent back (I will take photos of everything next round which is coming Mid-April,) were a sweater type deal, long in the front and open. It was not my style but I can see the usefulness of it. Just not for me. There was a maxi dress, the print and fit were amazing, but it was a little too short. It was just cut at an odd length for my height, so as soon as I added shoes it wasn’t going to work for me. The final item was a necklace. It seems a piece of jewelry is always part of a stitchfix, which I kind of like. I probably wouldn’t ever pay the prices they have for the jewelry but it’s nice for inspiration purposes. The necklace was gold, two interlocking circles. The chain was too short, otherwise I would have considered keeping it. It was the perfect compliment to dress up an outfit.

I’m enjoying each fix I do and I’m excited for the next one in April πŸ™‚

Hopefully next weekend I’ll get the Dining Room Decor put up, photos to come!

I’ve recently been inspired to try to turn a chest of drawers into a Kitchen Island. Haha. If it turns out, I’ll post it. We will see.

Here’s to new adventures!

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  1. I love that shirt! You look amazing in it. I have a ton in that sheer material. They’re awesome because you can dress them up with business attire and wear them for work or throw them on with jeans for a nicer casual outfit! You’re really convincing me to try this stitch fix thing.

  2. meganlogue81 says:

    I love love love sheer shirts! I feel like it’s the perfect dress up dress down shirt! You should try, it’s worth a try. Worst case scenario you hate everything and lose $20. I equate that to the amount of money it takes me to drive to the mall and back.

  3. kurumama says:

    Love the shirt as well! Part of the reason Stitchfix was intriguing me was because of the jewelry. I feel like I’m so bad at picking/buying my own and wanted some colorful yet classy jewelry to spruce up my wardrobe which is a lot of black. Are all the jewelry pieces pricey?

  4. meganlogue81 says:

    The first piece was 26 I think and the second was 30 something. I like it because it gives me ideas then I go to target and buy it or look elsewhere πŸ™‚

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