Packing for 2 Weeks in Europe…In a small suitcase? Challenge Accepted!

Packing for 2 Weeks in Europe...In a small suitcase? Challenge Accepted!

I could not be more excited about our vacation for this year. Matt (my husband,) and I have been talking about a “Big” trip since we’ve been together. Saving up, planning, trying to find a year without 329 weddings…which anyone our age can attest to. FINALLY, 2014 looked like the best year to do a big trip, 2 full weeks…TO ENGLAND AND IRELAND!!!

Our last trip we went to Seattle and Portland, both of which Matt had been to before but wanted me to see and love, which I did. This time, we are going back to my turf! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Ireland. I lived there for 6 months during study abroad and left a piece of my heart there. When we were deciding where to go for a big trip, Matt always wanted to see “My Ireland” and he wanted to get to England and see a “soccer” game. Easy decision. Sept 2014 we are returning to England and Ireland.

I am definitely not someone who toots my own horn, but I like to think that I have a talent at planning trips. Some would call it talent, others would call it a Type A personality with a bit of anal retentiveness thrown in there. I am the type of person who likes to research EVERYthing before going. I like to plan out each day, how we’re getting there, buy the tickets, find out fun facts etc. Although I have been to England and Ireland before I’ve already read 4 new books. If you are taking a trip..LONELY PLANET and FROMMERS. Hands down the best travel books I have found. (I’ll do another post just on that, because it’s that good.)

While planning out each day, (again I’ll do a separate post on that,) I realized that we would be moving around a great deal. Going from Dublin to Galway, Galway to Dublin, Ferry from Dublin to Wales, train from Wales to London, and so on and so forth. What I soon realized is, my giant suitcase that I took to Portland is just not going to work. I mean GIANT suitcase. We traveled a bunch on the west coast and the thing was just too big. It was awkward on public transport but it sure did allow me to pack various articles of clothing, shoe choices etc.

Here’s my new idea/dilemma: Can I pack for 2 weeks in England/Ireland in a smaller suitcase. The blue one in the photo is my gigundo suitcase, the adorable smaller one is my technical “carry on” suitcase, (although I would check it in baggage and bring a backpack.)

This is my new challenge to myself…2 weeks, small suitcase for easier movement. I would bring the small suitcase and a backpack carry on. The other photo is a picture off my computer from pinterest with recommendations for 2 weeks in a carry on. Basically what I am finding is pick color patterns that all work together. Bring 2-3 tank tops for under everything, 4-6 shirts that can be layered under 2 sweaters. 2 pairs of pants (this will be the hardest for me,) leggings, underwear, and LOTS of scarves to change up the look. (obviously toiletries,) but clothing would be limited choices, Also 2 pairs of shoes, that’s it. I loved this website, also it gave me more options.

I will struggle…BIG time. I’m the person who thinks “Well it could…so I will need this, this and this.” I’m an epic over packer. I’m going to attempt to do this, in an effort to have more ease moving from place to place. I have also read that if you pack items that dry quickly you can do wash in sinks…yup, I’m gonna try.

I’m going to continue looking up websites, pinterest posts etc. to find out the most information I can about packing lightly. I also read about packing cubes, which organize all of your things into nice sections so you know “this is my shirt cube,” and make it easier to keep dirty clothes separate as well. The blog site I shared mentioned Cubes as well! I found mine on Amazon just by searching “travel.” I’m going to get them and let you know if they are as great as they seem 🙂

I will update as I figure out my outfits etc. (there’s plenty of time until September.) Here’s to an adventure in packing efficiently!

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  1. The very best website for one bag travel is It is very detailed. If you follow Mr. Dyment’s principles you can’t go wrong. I pack quite a bit differently than Little House Big Heart. The key to a lot of outfits is having a capsule wardrobe where all the tops and bottoms mix, match, and layer. Also make sure you wear your heaviest items on the plane (such as boots, heavy jackets). A bag with lots of pockets will be bulky and very heavy. That’s also true for a lot of packing cubes. Instead consider using zip lock bags for different items. They are a whole lot cheaper and lighter.
    For Ireland and England in the fall you’ll probably want to take a pair of waterproof boots. I like dress snow boots as they look nice. Leggings, silk long underwear, cardis will get you the warmth you need.

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      Thanks so much for the suggestions! I have quite a few months before I leave so I will definitely be figuring things out until September. I will check out the website you recommended, I really appreciate it!


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