Ebags Test and Trial

This past weekend I wanted to take my new ebags for a spin in the suitcase I plan to take to Europe for 2 weeks. Here are the ebags that I ordered, pictured below. (I obviously over packed for a weekend but wanted to really test things out.)ebags

I ordered 3 different sizes, they all came together from Amazon. The large one had 4 pairs of jeans in it, FOUR! (probably more than I will take to Europe.) I also had two rolled tank tops and  a long sleeve shirt in this same bag. The middle-sized bag had 3 cotton t-shirts, a pair of running pants, 2 sports bras, a fleece zip up and a small cosmetic bag with my medicine/travel febreeze and still had plenty of space in it. The smallest bag had all my under things. I fit all 3 of these along with 3 pairs of shoes, a large makeup bag, flat-iron, 2 brushes, Large hairspray, dry shampoo, electric toothbrush and still had some room in my small suitcase.

Here is what I learned:
I need to learn to roll my things to best use the ebags. I also needed a better way to bring my “dress/nice” shirts. I had them on hangers for this weekend so they weren’t in my suitcase. What I found was this:

ebags 2

This is another ebag that I have read great reviews about. It can hold between 8-10 shirts according to the different users and keeps them nice and neat. I like this idea because it has a folding board included and will keep all of my nicer tops in one place that I can hang up when I get to our destination. I ordered the one above for under $20 and will definitely review it once I use it. ebags 3

After this weekend I realized I still have one big problem…what to do with gym clothes. I’m all for re-wearing clothes but that is not happening with sweaty gym clothes. I have to figure out a way to pack some workout clothes and keep the dirty ones separate. I’m debating ordering a small ebag for just dirty clothes, or just taking a plastic bag that I can lay flat somewhere in my suitcase. I’ve also considered just taking one workout outfit and hitting a cheap store if I need more t-shirts. Haven’t quite figured out that part yet, but I definitely will. One thing I have learned is that hitting the gym/street for a quick 30 minute workout does wonders for my body while traveling. I don’t want to skip that for 2 weeks, but I also don’t want to pack too many workout outfits. Dilemma.

I also realized that I was able to pack all of these items, and I will also have a carry on backpack with me for my Europe trip. I can pack an additional ebag in there if I need to, or possibly use that for dirty clothes until we get to a laundry facility.

I could not have been happier with my ebags purchase. I was able to remove all of them when we got to our hotel and know exactly where everything was. I loved the organization, loved how neat everything stayed, and loved how easy my small suitcase was to maneuver. I am definitely sticking with this packing light for Europe and am excited to keep learning more and trying new things. perfume stick

My next adventure…solid perfume stick:
I read about these on a travel blog and am excited for this to arrive. It’s a small solid stick that melts onto your skin and leaves a nice scent so you don’t have to pack a large perfume bottle and can take this with you in your purse to “freshen up” after a long day of sight-seeing. I would consider taking sample sizes but they run out quickly for me.

Between testing out this perfume stick & my next Stitchfix coming April 9th, here’s to new adventures!

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