Paying Homage to the Maxi Skirt

I am brand new to the maxi skirt world…but have recently joined the ranks of “Maxi Skirt Owner.” maxi skirt quoteI simply had to do a post about it. I did not realize that something so comfortable could be dressed up/dressed down, whatever you want. Someone who loves women created this beautiful creature, known as the maxi skirt. If you don’t believe me, read the cartoon.

I wanted to do a post about this because, although I spend decent money on my Stitchfix, I still love a bargain. I consider myself a bargain shopper at heart. My newest addition to my closet, my new beloved maxi skirt, was bought from Target online, during their buy 1 get 1 half off sale. Like I said, love a good deal.

I wanted to try pairing the maxi skirt with some different things and ended up finding my new favorite and most comfortable “dress up” outfit. I’m taking my mom to see “Phantom of the Opera” tonight for her birthday and wanted to be a lil bit dressy. Guess what I maxi skirtpaired the maxi skirt with, my favorite Stitchfix item, the teal sheer blouse, (this bad boy is worth every single penny.) The shirt has now gone to a dinner out, a PSU reunion and wine tasting, and now it’s the perfect fit for a night out with my mom to see a Broadway show. Photos you ask? Of course!

I was hesitant to try out a maxi skirt because every photo I saw was a stick thin girl with 0% body fat rocking this skirt. My advice when looking for a maxi skirt, try some on, find what works for you. For anyone who knows me, I have a huge butt (that I love,) so I was DEFINITELY not getting a striped skirt. My butt needs no help in looking bigger. I went with a black skirt, fold-over band that came to just below my ankles. I wanted something that I could wear low heels or sandals with. Another big thing I wanted…The skirt to transform into a dress if need be.

One of the main reasons I wanted to try out a maxi skirt was for packing light purposes. I read a bunch of blog posts where girls raved about a maxi skirt because you could wear it during the day with a t-shirt, and feel just a bit dressed up, and then yank that sucker up at night, throw a skinny belt around your middle, toss on a sweater and BING BAM BOOM, you have a dress for evening. I tried this out and this maxi skirt does it all. (I can post more photos of that at a later date, Phantom Of the Opera calls.) I cannot highly recommend getting one enough. If you’re like me and thinking, I’m not a size zero, screw it. I’m curvy and I love this thing. Just do what I do and think “Here’s to a new adventure.”maxi skirt purple

Here’s another outfit I created with my new favorite article of clothing…wanted to show the versatility of this skirt! A little bit more casual and fun!

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