Stitch Fix #3: Great Shirt and Necklace, Sad To See A Dress Go

My 3rd Stitchfix came today, it wasn’t my favorite set that I’ve gotten but had 2 great items that I’m in love with. I took photos of everything this time, as promised!

The best part about this fix, the stylist really did listen to my notes and my Pinterest page. (I’ve been making an effort to pin more clothes that I’m interested in, necklaces…whatever I want to try out.) The downside was they didn’t have what I was looking for in the inventory at that time. I had asked for a chambray shirt and a maxi skirt (both of which I scored for rather cheap at Target and Old Navy,) so it ended up working out in the long run…I’ll take it!

The stylist also noticed all of the necklaces I have been posting and really nailed what I was looking for.

Here are the items they sent…drum roll!

shirt 3 1. This shirt. I actually hated it on. It’s different from anything I would pick up in a store so I appreciate that in a sense. When I put it on the fit was very odd on my body. Tight in the chest area and just not good.

Verdict: This one is going back. Seeeee ya!



shirt 4 2. This Shirt/Dress. They sent this instead of a chambray shirt because they didn’t have one in the inventory for me. I like the IDEA of this, but it was like a circus tent on. WAY too big. I read other reviews about this and it seems it runs big on everyone. Again, love the idea, comfy, chambray like material, (could live without the polka dots on it,) and it has a tie to accentuate your smallest part. IDEA is nice, fit was not.

Verdict: Going Back. See ya later Alligator.

3rd Item..a Great Dress

shirt 5  3. Colorblock Dress. This dress was awesome. It fit fantastically, it was very attractive on, but I couldn’t get past the price. They wanted close to $70 for it and when I can find something in TJMaxx for cheaper, I cannot justify it. This was a much higher quality than something I would find in TJMaxx, the material literally felt like heaven..again, cannot do $70 for this. If I had something coming up; a wedding, baby shower, wedding shower…I would have pulled the trigger. Just couldn’t do it.

Verdict: Sad to see it go, but had to send it back.

4th Item

shirt 2shirt 14. This shirt… I love it. It’s black (which I obviously love,) and it’s a fantastic fit. I adore the detail on the bottom of the shirt. It could work in any season, which I love.

I have some photos of the shirt on, with the Kensie Jeans I got from my 1st Stitchfix. Cannot wait to wear this one out on the town.

Verdict: Obviously Keeping this bad boy. I heart it times infinity and the price is worth it for a shirt that works in any season.

black shirt5th and Final Item

shirt 6bauble necklace

5. This amazing bauble necklace.

I thought I wanted a gem stone bauble necklace, and I still do, but I never though about having an all silver metal bauble necklace…how great is this?!? This will go with EVERYthing I own and can definitely update an outfit. For example I put on my new chambray shirt from Old Navy with a pair of cheap leggings and this necklace. Instantly made it “dressier.” I want to throw on brown boots with this and emulate the EXACT photo on Pinterest that I’ve been stalking and trying to recreate. I love it. I was originally back and forth on this, but asked a few friends for their opinion and in the end, ended up deciding to keep it. As I was looking through the photos I grew more and more happy with my decision. Cannot wait to use this bad boy to dress up an outfit or just change the complete look of it.

Verdict: Clearly I’m keeping this. Thanks to the friends who helped me make the right decision in keeping it.

Overall, this was not my favorite Stitchfix. The other two I felt like I loved everything in there, and it was much harder to send things back. I scheduled another Fix for Mid-May to keep adding to my shirt collection. As you know I’m obsessed with my Teal Sheer shirt so I hope to be as equally obsessed with this new black lace trim shirt and my bauble necklace. If I pair them up with anything fun I’ll be sure to post on the blog.

I’m excited to try out my new statement necklace and go on this new adventure in jewelry!

My next post…hopefully the dining room items will be hung on the wall! I’m also excited for this nice weather to see yard sales and what type of things I can find to create a kitchen island.

Here’s to the adventure of finishing items in our house for less money!

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