An Honest Review Of Wen Hair Care

“And if you buy right now…we’ll throw in this extra piece for FREEEEEEE”

The usual words of any paid for tv ad.

I’ll be 100% honest with you, I found out about Wen hair care when I was watching a QVC product special. At first I was skeptical…this cannot work for everyone. These people all have someone professional doing their hair. This is crazy expensive.

I’ve always struggled with my hair. When I say it’s thick, that doesn’t do it justice. Every hairdresser I have had has asked me to make sure to book extra time every time I make an appointment because it takes that long to work with. Doing my hair used to be an hour or more of my time. I decided, if I’m going to spend that much time washing/drying/straightening my hair, maybe the money is worth it to just blow dry it and be done. It was.

I bought Wen in August. 2013. I wanted to try a new product for my hair, especially because I had so many weddings coming up that year. From the first wash, I saw a difference. My hair was softer, easier to blow dry and still needed a little bit of straightening…but SOON my roots were so greasy. I was disappointed. I would wash my hair, blow dry, a little straightening, and then I’d have to use dry shampoo to make my roots not greasy. It was still worth it, because the ends were so healthy. Here’s some photos of my wedding Wen hair. The left, was a wedding where I did my own hair (had to spray roots with dry shampoo,) the middle was right after I got it cut and styled by my hairdresser, (I’m not that good,) and the one on the right is the wind blowing my hair at another wedding I went to..again dry shampoo on the roots.


Which brings me to today. I have been using Wen for a while now, but when I travel I don’t use it (which you’re supposed to,) and I also don’t wash my hair everyday, I don’t have to. Like I said, it’s beyond thick.

I was watching tv when the Wen ad came on QVC again and I figured, what the heck let me watch it…turns out, after watching the ad, I have been using Wen completely wrong. Shocked, me too. Apparently you’re supposed to wash your hair, rinse and repeat. I have never done this. I put the shampoo in once, lather, comb it through and wash it out after 3-5 minutes. Turns out your supposed to just wash it, then reapply the shampoo, oops? I guess this makes sense as to why my roots were so greasy, I was basically never fully washing my hair, gross. I also learned that there are over 8 different types of Wen products. I have been using the Sweet Almond Mint version but have decided to try the Cucumber version that is meant for oily roots, just in case.

Here is a photo from today of my hair, only blown dry, no straightener (could use it a little,) but it’s my hair after correctly washing with Wen. You make the call. I think it looks pretty healthy and I didn’t need to straighten everything, so it took my 20 minutes to do. I’m not a professional so obviously it’s not perfect, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with Wen for now. (Plus it’s sold on Amazon so you don’t need to do that automatic thing, and can just try it out.)


So there it is…my honest review of Wen. It’s great, but you have to use it the right way or else you will end up with GREASY roots. (Easily fixable with Dry Shampoo though.) The problem with using it the right takes a lot of shampoo, so it’s pricey.

I’ll post again with the new version I’m trying out. Here’s to the adventure of another new shampoo!

Next stitch fix arrives Mid May!

***Below are photos taken after my new Wen Cucumber shampoo (meant for greasy roots) arrived. Loved using it. NO greasy roots and only had to blow dry, no straightener needed. For a girl with really thick hair, that means everything.

wen hair care

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  1. Kristin says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Wen, but could never swallow the price. I have very fine, straight, flat hair and an old coworker who had similar hair to mine used to swear by Wen. When I was at Target earlier in the week, I saw that Herbal Essences had come out with their own “Cleansing Conditioner” and I thought I’d give it a try. It smells amazing and made my hair super soft, but also sucked what little volume I have right out of it. Back to Target it goes. Sigh.

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      Aw man that stinks you have to take it back! I just saw something on pinterest about “Hair One” that Sally Beauty Supply sells. The reviews on Amazon seem pretty positive. I really like Wen though, but you’re right the price is a lot. I might try out “Hair One” after my new bottle runs out.

      This is the one I saw on pinterest:

      Let me know if you try it! I’ll def try after this bottle and do a post.

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