Toms Shoes…Waiting With Anticipation

Toms Shoes are a fad, or so I thought. I figured “Oh all these people are just jumping on a fad bandwagon, they don’t look comfortable… I’m all good.”

Then I found myself going from pair of flats to pair of flats, my feet aching, blisters everywhere, still looking for a casual slip on that works in all seasons..enter Toms.

All my friends seemed to have them,  so I started asking questions (I probably got annoying at some point.) “Are they really comfortable?” “Do you wear those when it’s cold out?” “Would you mind if I tried them on?”

Guess what?!  They were super comfortable. I decided it’s about time I bite the bullet, maybe this isn’t a fad. Maybe these shoes really are that great AND they donate a pair to kids in need.

I ordered my Toms Shoes and they came! I tried them on and they were so comfy, buuuuuut they were too big. Unfortunately I did not listen to the reviews on Amazon that said to order a 1/2 size down (that, or my feet are shrinking.) If you order I recommend doing the same, especially because they are a canvas material that will definitely stretch with wear. I actually ordered from the Toms Website because I wasn’t sure if they still donated a pair of shoes if you ordered from Amazon.

The people were amazing with getting back to me about returning the shoes. They responded that same day. Unfortunately returns take a while, something to think about when ordering. The shoes are delivered for free, but it takes about 5-8 business days. If you have to return them you have to print the label, (it’s free if you opt to get a Toms Giftcard Amount,) return them by mail, and then wait to get an email with the Toms giftcard to reorder, then another 5-8 days of shipping and waiting. A little bit of a pain to be honest, but I am eagerly awaiting the shoes now, in the right size!

The best part about these shoes, especially for me, was the fact that there was actual arch support. My arches always hurt when I wear flats but I’m excited because I think with these shoes that will change. I’ll update once I receive the right size shoe again and wear it for a while.

These are the ones I ordered

toms shoesPhoto from


I can’t wait for these guys to arrive. I’ll update after I wear them for a while and if the arch support helps with foot pain usually caused by flats.

Here’s to the new adventure of giving in to the ever popular Toms shoes!

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