Testing Out A Trench Coat

I’ve been trying to prepare for our trip to London and Dublin this fall and one of the items I really wanted to get (and make sure I really really love,) was a trench coat.

I went on Pinterest and scoured the internets (yes, the internets haha,) for a trench that would work on my body.  Coats and I are…not friends. I’ve struggled with coats on my lower body because it’s larger, so I have to find something that works on a smaller top body and a larger lower body, you know…the pear shape.

I searched “curvy body coats,” “trench coats for big bottoms,” if you can think it, I searched it. What I found were a few fantastic belted rain coats.

Here was my must have list for this trench:

1. Must be high quality

2. Must be waterproof/rain resistant (preferably waterproof)

3. Must have a hood

4. Must be flattering when on

5. Must be able to wear in cold and warm

Enter London Fog Trench coat!

I found this bad boy at Nordstrom:

trench coat nordstromIt has a detachable liner on the inside for colder weather and it’s removable for warmer weather.

With yesterday’s insane weather, I thought, “Perfect day to do a test run of this trench”

Here it is (on me)  in all its glory:

trench coat

I threw on a bright scarf because it was a little chilly, and for a little color. To give you an idea of the weather yesterday, it was raining so hard there was flash flooding, it was a torrential downpour. This coat held up to all of it. I was able to put the hood up, pull the strings to tighten it, and go without an umbrella. The pockets were roomy and warm, and if I removed the scarf it actually buttons up to the neck with a hook and eye closure right at the throat to keep extra dry.

The only downside to this coat is that it’s button up (most trenches are,) but I have always found that buttons fall off pretty quickly when they are the only closure on the coat. The belt is strictly there for fashion, you tie it, it doesn’t work like a functional belt. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about the buttons, but they did send 2 extras with the coat, and they are just plain black buttons that could be replace if need be.

Other than the buttons I love the coat. The liner is a button out, which I haven’t had before, not the biggest fan of buttons because they fall off, but again, easily replaceable.

Overall: I’m very happy with my purchase. If this coat can keep me completely dry in that awful weather, it will be fantastic in London and Dublin. We will see about those buttons! Here’s to the adventure of learning to sew on buttons if need be!


Next stitch fix arrives May 13th!

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