Stitch Fix #4: Spoiler Alert…I kept it ALL!

My fourth Stitchfix arrived today!!! If I’m being honest, I usually cheat and try to see what everything is before it arrives. I just do research online with the items they have listed on the Stitchfix site, (patience is not one of my virtues.)

I saw a few of the items that were on their way and really thought, “Meh, I don’t know about this one.”

The box came, and I figured let’s keep an open mind with this. I did know that one of the items was something I had been stalking on Pinterest for a long time. And when I put it on…Mother of God, I was so happy. So drumroll…here are all the items.

1. Asymmetrical Sweater (I know it’s summer but this sucker is going to England/Ireland with me.)

asymetrical sweater

I’m obsessed with this. I have pinned it in in every color, I thought I’d want it in black, but I adore it in this red color. It’s a little tight on my chest area, so I won’t zip it up all the way probably. I like this open look more.

VERDICT: Keeping it, DUH

2. Ruffled Blouse

ruffled blouse

Obsessed with this as well. I put it on and asked my husband, “What do you think?” He immediately said “Keep it.” Done and Done. It’s a fantastic summer shirt, and it has what I like to call “Adult Cleavage.” Enough of  a V to give that silhouette, but not so much that you feel inappropriate. It’s so hard to find that. I love love love this shirt. I’m wearing it right now and will be wearing it tonight for Date Night 🙂

VERDICT: Keeping, obviously

3. Jersey Top

jersey top

I was a little unsure of this top. I wasn’t sure if it made me look heavy but realized, I love it and that’s all that matters, right? It’s super comfortable, it’s a looser fit shirt but I love the casual look to it. I love jersey tops, and I thought this would be a good one to add to my collection. Plus, I literally never buy this color because I’m pale.

VERDICT: Little unsure at first, but it grew on me (I tried it on like 5 times.) Also these photos don’t do it justice.

4 & 5. Kensie Jeans & Statement Necklace

jeans and necklace


I wasn’t sure about either of these. The necklace looks adorable with the Ruffled Blouse and these jeans were not as perfect as the first Kensie ones I got…BUUUUUT the total of the three tops I loved was $15 less than buying all 5 items and getting the discount. With my credits and discount, it was worth keeping everything. Tricky Tricky

VERDICT: Kept Both

The biggest thing I learned with this Stitchfix is that Pinning what you love makes a HUGE difference in what they send you. The note my stylist sent said “I had a blast styling this fix, your pinterest board is FAB”

I have made a concerted effort to pin more to a board that the Stitchfix stylists have the link to.  I have been pinning spring fashions I love, things I want to own, pieces I’m still looking for, etc. They really listened this time and I kept every single item. The discount really made me keep the last two items, I was unsure about them but the necklace is growing on me and the jeans were good they just weren’t GREAT like my first pair, and for a $15 difference, it only made sense to keep them.

I loved my fix this time around! This was an adventure in trying new styles and things and I’m so glad that I did.

My next adventure: Matt and I have started “juicing” using a NutriBullet. I’ll report after two weeks of using it. We’re almost a week in 🙂 Here’s to an adventure in healthier lives!

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