DIY Kitchen Island & A Few Kitchen Changes for a DIY Kitchen Upgrade

Let me start by saying, I am in no way good at home projects. For example, we hired someone to paint for us, but one thing I have learned that I can do, and pretty well, is take a piece of furniture, spray paint it, and really give it a new life. Recently we realized that a full kitchen remodel is just crazy money that we weren’t ready to spend.

We’ve been in our house 2 years, so it’s time to start actually living in it like we’re not going anywhere. We are first time home owners so I think it’s still a learning experience for us that we can change anything to how we want it to be. You learn to just live with things in apartment living, but a house is so different.

I’ve made mention in other posts that I was stalking down some furniture to make a DIY kitchen island. We have very little counter space so an island is really a necessity.  We recently had a community wide yard sale, that was a horror story of its own, but I DID find an awesome start to a DIY kitchen island, and for only $20. Now that was worth all the chaos of the yard sale.

Here is the original of what I snagged:
diy kitchen 5

I decided that in our kitchen, which is much more country than I would prefer, a black color might look nice. I knew I would be changing out the hardware but started with just the black color.

I chose spray paint because it’s an easy way to completely change the look of something, and it’s not too expensive. After lugging this thing outside (may or may not have pulled my back out,) I sprayed the whole thing in a black matte paint.

Here it is painted:
diy kitchen 6Don’t mind the blue paint tape on the drawers, but it was starting to look a little like a kitchen island.

Next step: changing out the hardware.

I learned with a previous project that changing the hardware on a piece of furniture can really make a difference. We (Matt and I) decided to stick to the same color scheme as our hutch’s hardware, dark brown with hints of bronze. We headed to home depot and grabbed some knobs that I think turned out great.

DIY kitchen 1DIY kitchen 2






Next: Removing the backing.

Another thing I wanted to do was remove the furniture backing and replace it with panel wood to make it feel more like an island and less like a dresser we stuck in the kitchen. We scored somediy kitchen 10 of this panel wood from Home Depot, for pretty cheap, and I got more matte black spray paint and took care of getting it to the right color. My lovely husband put the backing on for me with a drill and it turned out like this (it’s flipped over in our kitchen, I have a standing up photo below as well.):diy kitchen 8

Here it is in the actual kitchen sans the countertop we bought for it.




We had one final step before putting on the countertop. We decided to just spray paint the clear part of the drawers black. I have a patterned paper coming that I might modge podge onto the drawers, but I’m really liking the look of the all black drawer.

kitchen island front

Not only did we want to create the island for more counterspace but we also decided if we’re not going to do the full makeover let’s change some things in the kitchen we don’t like. The cabinets in the kitchen are not my favorite, but they work. They are very country so we decided, “hey, let’s just embrace the country and go with it.” Below is a photo of the hardware switch out we did. We went for darker hardware to compliment the new island.

The top two photos are the old hardware, the bottom four are the new darker hardware
diy kitchen 9New hardware with island
kitchen island in kitchenNew darker hardware going with island.

diy kitchen 7





Our final Step:

I love to do research about all our home projects and between pinterest and blogs found out that you can buy countertop from Ikea. Nice, heavy duty counter top. The only problem, which we found out after arriving to Ikea, is that they don’t cut it to the size you need…so be prepared to have a way to cut it down.

Luckily we were able to ask friends of ours with a hand saw to cut it down.

We still have to officially apply the countertop with either liquid nails or I found out we can also use caulk.

Here is the final photo of our completed kitchen island:

kithen island with ctop 3 kithen island with ctop 2

So let’s do a quick breakdown of costs:

Kitchen Island body: $20
C-top: $129 from ikea
Hardware: $25
Panel board: $10
Spray Paint: $3
Total: $187

So let’s do a quick comparison, for $187 dollars we took 


diy kitchen 5  TO kithen island with ctop 3

I’m so glad I decided to try this. I was so nervous, but did my research and tried something different. Matt and I are super happy with our newest kitchen decor!

I spent a lot of time this Memorial Day Weekend doing home projects so I will have another post soon with all the new photos we put up in our purple room and the dining room travel wall is finally started!

On our next adventure we will be trying to  find lighting for our kitchen to really finish it off. We need to remove light fixtures and install the new ones… so here’s to our lighting adventures!

** I added some contact paper to all the drawers since this post!

contact paper in

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  1. What a transformation! Love the black!

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