Dining Room Travel Wall…Mission Completed!

I have been talking about finishing our travel wall in our Dining Room, pretty much since I started this blog. Over Memorial Day Weekend I was on a “Let’s Get This Stuff Done!” kick, and really tackled some projects in the house.

One of those many projects I was able to finish (with the patience and assistance of my Mom,) was our Dining Room Travel Wall. What we decided was that we didn’t have to have the typical Dining Room decor, this is our house, we can do what makes us happy, so, Travel Wall it was.

The idea behind the Travel Wall was a map that we had made on Etsy, but in blue and yellow. We thought let’s put this on the wall, and we will put pins in the places we’ve been together. While we eat it will keep us dreaming about where we want to go, it’s a great talking piece for guests who come over, and hey, it looks pretty cool too.

travel wall map

I wanted to add some photos of places we have been around the map as well. People joke that all we have are pictures of us in the house (we don’t have kids, so it’s literally photos of us and friends and family.) This time I decided we will not be in these photos, just of places we have been, (keep those couple photo numbers down, haha.)

My mom and I must have laid the photos down on the floor and rearranged them 100 times. Finally I just said, “I’m going to eyeball this,” and I think it turned out pretty well.

travel wallI don’t think I’m totally done with this wall. I might add the word ‘Travel’ or ‘Adventure’ under the map. For now, I like the look of it. We also added a canvas we had made of a photo I took of Oregon’s coast. I took a panorama of the walls to see the whole thing together.

travel wall panoI like that our travels are in a place where we gather to eat. I love that we are going to add pins to the map (I have red pins on the way.) The best thing about this wall is that it will keep us continuing to dream about where we want to go, the fun places we’ve been and the memories we have made. It won’t be hard to take down a photo and change it out as we continue to travel. I plan on adding a photo of Ireland and England when we go in Sept/Oct.

I’m so glad I finally sucked it up and hung everything up. It took some time, but it was worth measuring things out for the map and going based on that. As I add more things I’ll be sure to update this post.

My current adventure is completing our other guest room, The Purple Room. I finally got some things on the wall, knobs for the dresser are on their way and I’m going to be turning a fancy shower curtain into curtains for the room. Here’s to the DIY adventures!



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