Bucket List Item: Open Casting Call for House Of Cards

I recently decided to pull out my Bucket List that I made in college. For those that don’t know (I’m sure most do,) a Bucket List are items you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”

I keep my list in my nightstand in a bible that I’ve had for years. Every now and then (usually every few years,) I like to pull out my list, cross things off and write the date they were done, and re-evaluating things I said I wanted to do. I made the list in college, right before I was about to graduate. I was struggling with what I wanted to do with my life and I tried to take in it a positive direction and make a list of all the things I wanted to do before I left this Earth. I am so so glad I did it. I think I ended up with 100-something items. For example here are some bucket list items I have:

– See a kangaroo in its natural setting
– Love someone will all my heart
– See the 7 wonders of the world
– Go skydiving
– See the top 100 movies

Those are just a few, like I said, I have over 100 and like to add items as I decide on things.

This past weekend I was able to cross off a Bucket List item: try out for/become an extra in a movie or tv show.

Someone let me know on Thursday that there was an open casting call for extras on one of my favorite shows, House of Cards. It called for all ages, sizes, sexes etc. They wanted any and everyone. They asked each person to come dressed in their “DC Political Attire” and bring a photo of yourself in black tie attire as well. If you had a headshot they wanted that as well.

I’m going to be honest, I was so damn excited. I have a decent camera so I took the photos that I needed to take. I dressed up in an old bridesmaid dress that I have, a gorgeous dress. Thought that would work for my black tie attire. You can see it below:

black tieI also took a photo of my face, and I just felt a little ridiculous dressing up, learning how to do interval timing on my camera and taking photos of myself. I figured, gotta do what you gotta do.

I know we needed an up close of my face. Again, taking selfies with a big camera just feels absolutely insane, but had to be done. Here is the “headshot” I decided to take with me:




So…the actual casting call.

I was so nervous. I must have tried on 32 different versions of clothing to wear. Should I do pant suit, should I wear a dress, what earrings do you wear. I work from home so I really don’t have many “work outfits.” I finally decided to wear a black dress and sweater option with “sensible” heels. I figured, someone in DC has worn this. You can see my outfit below:



The casting call was in Belair, MD, about an hour from my house. The start time was 10 a.m. but the person I was going with suggested we get there at 8 a.m. At the time, I thought that was nuts. I left my house at 7:00 a.m., hair done, in a dress (and spanx,) and cranky. I made great time and go to Belair by 7:50ish. We drove over to the Armory (after asking a really nice older couple where the heck it was,) and the time was 8:10 a.m. There was already a line out the building of around 50 people.

I was so very glad we showed up early, and that I was wearing my Toms instead of my heels, which were neatly tucked in my oversize purse.

As we waited in line, we met some interesting people. There was a young girl in front of us with her Dad. He was just there for linesupport and apparently she did this all the time. They drove up from Richmond, VA and she had recently tried out to be an extra for the show “Turn.” She was also in a Doritos commercial. My friend and I just giggled and said we were just there for fun, she didn’t seem to like that.

We saw people show up in the best costumes. A woman LITERALLY had her chest out of her shirt. We saw another woman in a completely see through dress, evening gowns, tuxedos. It was some of the best people watching I’ve been a part of. To the right is a photo of our place in line. What you don’t see is all the people going up the stairs and into the building.

USAToday also panned us in the line for TV and for the paper I believe. I still haven’t  checked to see the coverage.

We stood in line from 8-10 a.m. At 8:00 a.m. the line was about a block long, by 10 a.m. when the actual event started, the line was over 500 people long. It was absolute insanity. Again, I was so glad we got there so early.

At 10 a.m. the line went very quickly. I was panicking because we had these forms to fill out and we were unsure what to really put. In the big scheme of things, getting picked was not likely but I was shocked at how nervous I was. The line was moving, but we had no idea what to expect.

Were they going to talk to us? Were we going to have to say something? Was it one at a time?

We decided to just joke and laugh about all of it. What else are you going to do with all those nerves? We walked into the building as they counted us off. 50 people, we barely got in the door but we were numbers 49-50. We got into a room that I would describe as a high school gym/auditorium feel. There were a bunch of seats and a separate seating section for “SAG” members. We were given ANOTHER form to fill out, that ended up being useless.

There were 4 tables with people sitting at them. 3 said “Headshots, Non Union” and one said “No Headshot, Non union.” The last one had no one at it, so off we went. I showed the people there my photos and she said “This would probably work as a headshot (my face photo,) but let’s just take a photo of what you have on today.”

I stood beside a white board as they wrote the number “3” and took my photo. I could not even tell you what pose I struck, if I smiled, if I closed my eyes, I was just happy my hands weren’t shaking too badly.

Afterward the woman took my black tie photo (which was printed out at the oddest possible size,) stapled it to my form along with my #3 labeling, and asked me a few questions to fill out everything.  Did I have a military uniform? Do I have formal attire? Every single possible sizing of my body ( I did not fill this part out. If you want to know my weight, follow me to WW. Otherwise you have photos.)

That was it. All that waiting, all those nerves, all the photos, all the outfit changes…and we all just had to hand in a photo and fill out a form. We were in around 10:15 and out by 10:29 a.m.

And guess what, I’m still so glad I did it and SO VERY GLAD we showed up so early. I would have punched someone if we waited 4 hours to turn in a photo and fill out a form.

Again, I don’t expect anything from this, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I would FREAK OUT if somehow I got to be an extra on one of my favorite shows.

I’ve decided that I need to deal with what I would call an “anxiety problem” and start to do the things I want to do. More “Adventures” if you will. I’m so proud of myself for doing this, that may sound odd, but I am. It’s pretty terrifying to put yourself in front of people, let them judge you entirely on how you look, and still walk away happy and proud of yourself. I may have sweated through my sweater, but I did it, and I laughed and had fun the whole time. Taking chances is what life is all about.

Speaking of chances; I just bought a Groupon for SKYDIVING! Another Bucket List item! Friends and I bought them and we are trying to pick a date to go. I will OBVIOUSLY do a post on that as well.

All around, what a great morning and a fun experience. Something I will definitely remember.

Now, here’s to more adventures and crossing off those Bucket List items!

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