StitchFix #5…Late and Not My Favorite

Let me start by saying, up until now I have had an awesome time with Stitchfix, no issues, always on time. For some reason, possibly because they are just so popular now, my fix was scheduled to arrive on June 12th and I heard nothing the day before. Normally they send you an email 2-3 days before saying it has shipped and you can see what they are sending you.

This time, nothing…no email. I emailed them and just wanted to make sure they didn’t send something and forget to let me know. To their credit they responded within a day to let me know they were just super busy and were working on my fix. Honestly, it was fine because I requested the fix to be totally geared towards our pig roast, which is not until next weekend, but would have been pretty upset if I needed something for the 13th-14th weekend.

My new recommendation: give yourself plenty of time if you need a fix for a specific reason. That being said, they were super helpful in letting me know they were busy, and responded quickly. I scheduled for June 12th and the package arrived today, June 17th.

Let’s get to the actual fix, they definitely looked at my pinterest board and I’ve been pinning tons of prints/patterns and they clearly listened. Unfortunately cuts/fits/colors just didn’t match up for me this time. I asked for everything geared towards a pig roast we are having, comfortable and light clothing. HEEEEERREE WE GO!

1. Printed Shirt & Recommendation Cards

shirt 2


LOVE this shirt’s bold color and print. Could not even get it over my chest. The fit was really strange, it was great everywhere but the chest. Had to unzip the top to get it to even fit, and then it was WAY too revealing. Plus, it was $78 and I cannot justify paying that much for a shirt.

VERDICT: Bye bye poorly fitting, very expensive shirt.


2 & 3. Patterned dress & Silver Cuff



I struggled with this dress for about 2 minutes. I liked the cut, it wasn’t too low cut, it had the longer hem in the back so I would feel like I was overly exposed, super light fabric…but the colors were…so bad on me. The pattern was really cool but the colors were way too muted for my pale Irish skin ton. I looked like a ghost.

The cuff you can see in the photo, if possible, it somehow made my arms look even fatter.

Verdict: Sending both back. Way too pale on my pale skin and the cuff was a definite no-go.


4. Another printed shirt

shirt 1


Again, loving the pattern. Love that the back of this shirt is bright pink. Love the black lining around the whole shirt…did NOT love the cut on me. I don’t know I just felt very box-like. It was a super light shirt though. If the shirt was $20 in TJ MAXX I would have absolutely pulled the trigger, but when you are asking $44 for this…cannot do it.

VERDICT: a little sad it wasn’t cheaper, sending back.


5. Patterned denim shorts


Of all the things I thought the stitchfix team would deliver, it was NEVER bottoms. I have a really hard time dressing my lower half and stitchfix is finding things that really compliment what I need. These shorts have a lace like detail printed on them. Which I would NEVER pick up in a store, but I’m so glad they sent them. They came to me cuffed and as shorts, but the note said they can also be totally unrolled and become almost like a bermuda short (in the bottom of the photo.) I don’t think I’ll ever wear them this way, but it’s nice to know that I can just make them longer if I want to. Shorts are hard on my body, so having a longer short was fantastic.

VERDICT: Shocked that I like them, but keeping and probably wearing to our Pig Roast next weekend.


Overall, this was not my favorite fix. They did listen to my want for patterns via my pinterest board, but the cuts this time were just not as good. I suppose after my last fix, where I adored everything and kept it all, it is hard to top that.

I will be using my fixes going forward strictly for dresses to a winter wedding. I just don’t really know what to wear to one and would love to see what they have suggestion wise.


And here is a cartoon I drew about my disappointment with this fix (I like to draw things in paint, so you’ll be seeing that a whole lot more):

stitch fix cartoon


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