The Hunt for Red Lipstick: 5 Years In The Making

I feel like I have been looking for a red lipstick for years, 5 years to be exact. I’ve bought cheap bright reds, and nothing, NOTHING seemed right. I honestly just gave up and figured, “Megan, some girls are not made for red lipstick…sorry kiddo.”

After putting my red lipstick dreams to bed, I recently started seeing some pins on pinterest of people with my skin tone and hair color wearing red lipsticks. I was blown away. I am actually a natural blonde, but have been dying my hair a brownish red for over 2 years now, (my husband met me when I had dark hair and I prefer it dark as well.) I hadn’t realized that with this darker hair color, I might just be able to start my search again.

This time, I went about it a different way. I decided a good red lipstick was worth the money. I decided I would most likely need help so it was either Sephora or Ulta. I figured, I’ll just try some things, not going to force it.

I wound up at Sephora and ran into a lovely lady named Gail. She was the best. She taught me how to try on the samples (I saw a woman directly applying each lipstick sample to her mouth and thought that could not be correct,) turns out it wasn’t. She helped me try on about 4 reds and we went through what I liked, what I didn’t. My teeth are naturally yellow in color so I wanted a blue-based red. Gail went to the Sephora collection and pulled the perfect one for me.

Sephora Rogue- Passion Red:

sephora rogue passion red

When she firs walked up, I thought “This is WAY too dark.” BOY was I wrong. I loved it. It worked with my paler skin tone, made my teeth look whiter, and was the first red I thought I might actually wear out.

Here’s a few photos of me in the red lipstick:

sephora rogue pasion red 2

I adore it. I have to play around with my eye makeup a bit for different looks, and have learned that there is a time and place for red lipstick. Still working out the kinks haha.

Life’s too short to not try new things. Here’s to my new adventure of figuring out this red lipstick!

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