StitchFix 7: Turns Out 7 Is Not Always Lucky?

This is my 7th stitchfix, and sadly, it was not my favorite. This round I asked for all tops/dresses that could go with brown boots and be worn in Europe for our Sept/Oct trip to London and Dublin. They definitely looked at my pinterest board but for some reason it was mostly misses for me this time. I was hoping for bigger, baggier tops…didn’t seem to get those.

I have been running and really doing WW so I think I might just be in that awkward in between sizes time? Who knows. I took photos of everything, I just wish I had gotten more sweaters maybe?

So let’s kick this bad boy off. As always, your opinions are welcome 🙂 I’m pretty sure on what I’m keeping and what I’m sending back but please let me know your thoughts!

1. Pomelo Kayli strip cotton Fit & Flare Dress



Had to put on the boots I’m wearing all over Dublin/London. I wanted to get the lace dress I got in the last fix, just in a different color..they didn’t have it in any color but that gross lilac one. They sent this one, “same fit” as the lace one, different material obviously, and EW, it was not flattering on me. Stripes and curves…nope.

Verdict: Going back very, very, very fast.

2. C. Luce Roselin crochet Overlay Short Sleeve Blouse



Let me start by saying, this was my favorite when I looked in the box. The lace detail was so pretty. When I put it on…the armpit area was SO ODD. I have heavier upper arms, so I think someone with slender arms could rock this…that person is not me. I wanted this one to work so badly but it literally felt like someone strapped my arms down in this shirt.

Verdict: Bye-Bye weird armpit fit.

3. 41 Hawthorne Aspen Boat Neck Striped Cotton Tee

IMG_2236 VERSUS IMG_2237

Let me start by saying, I really liked this top (on the left is the stitchfix, on the right is one I already own.) I like the fit of the stitchfix, great on curves, very comfortable. I think it would be great for travel, BUT I have a similar top on the right. I think the stitchfix one is more flattering, but it’s $48. $48 dollars for a 100% cotton shirt? I cannot justify that. It’s going to shrink some day soon and I’ll be so so so angry.

Verdict: Like the shirt, but sticking with the shirt I have that is free.

4. Mystree Evelyn Pointelle Striped Cardigan


I love this sweater. I LOVE IT. Hugs the curves, slightly resembles blue’s clues and I don’t even care, maybe I like it even more for that reason? I cannot wait to add this to the clothes I’m packing for Europe. It’s so so so light. I think I could definitely pair this with some leggings too.


5. Octavia Henry birds On Branch Infinity Scarf


Ignore the fact that I have on NO makeup and my hair is cray cray. Haha. I like the scarf a whole lot, love the pattern…but $28? I can find one of these bad boys in TJ MAXX for cheaper. Also I just got an amazing scarf as a gift, so I’m all set in the scarf dept.


Total Side Note:
I decided on my plane outfit after this fix. I was holding out to see if they sent an amazing tunic or something, but nada. So below is my plane outfit…drumroll!

Leggings: Nordstrom
Chambray shirt: TJ MAXX
Tank: No idea..had it for forever
Leopard scarf: Gift that I adore. Sole Society.
Boots: Anne Klein, Macy’s sale.

And yes, I took a picture of my butt in the leggings, because sometimes, you just gotta love your body…and I sure do in these Nordstrom leggings.




Overall I would call this stitchfix a bust for the most part. Love the sweater, but not super thrilled with everything else. Guess I’ll be picking up things here and there at TJ MAXX instead.

Here’s to the adventure of anal retentively packing and preparing for this Europe trip. I’ll have a post on prepping sometime later this month!

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