Birchbox Trial

I recently decided to try out Birchbox, after having so much fun and success with Stitchfix. I don’t know about you, but I love samples. I just adore them. I have an upcoming trip to England and Ireland in one month and thought, “Why not try out these samples and see if there’s anything I love that I can throw in my carry on?”

I also decided to try it out because it’s $10 a month. For $10 you get 5 samples mailed to you. Some are decent sizes some are mini. They are high-end beauty products, you can pick and choose things in your profile that you prefer or do not prefer to get. I realized recently that makeup is worth spending money on, so this will allow me to try new makeup products without spending a fortune and finding out I hate it.

So, what was in the box?

It arrived like this and said “To the Heroic Megan Batdorf”…which I loved


Initial thoughts: Cute box.

When you open it all 5 items were wrapped in pink tissue paper.

Here’s all 5. From left to right: Noir black eyeliner, Trial perfume, Face wash, Whipped Shaving lotion, Coral lip balm


Closer look at everything.

IMG_2256[1] IMG_2255[1]


I haven’t had a chance to try each one out. Right away I tried out the lip balm. It went on smooth, moisturized my lips and wasn’t that tacky feeling I hate. The color…was interesting. It was super coral. Don’t know if I would buy a bigger size of this but I liked it for a small trial size.

I’m going to test out the whipped lotion today for shaving and see if it’s as good or better than shaving cream.

The eyeliner: I’ve read about on beauty blogs, so I’m excited to try a Noir product.

Facewash: I’m always hesitant to use something new because my sensitive skin can react to things. This says it’s for sensitive skin so we shall see.

The perfume smelled great, I’m wearing it now and love it.

I’d say, after this first box I’ll see what next month brings. Nothing that I’m jumping up and down over but a few products I am definitely interested in.

I was pleasantly surprised by the eyeliner size and the shaving lotion size. They are definitely bigger than the typical “trial” size products.

I’ll update as I try things! Here’s to new and fun beauty product adventures.

I’m beginning to start my packing ideas, so I’ll post about packing light soon!

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