Are You There Youtube, It’s Me…Megan

I have been gearing up for our trip to Dublin and Ireland and have been researching “packing light.” As I wrote in an earlier post  I really want to pack everything I’d need for our 16 day trip in a carry on and a purse. We are literally traveling on every type of transportation; planes, trains, ferries, you name it…we’re traveling on it, so the less I have to haul around, the better.

My research kept taking me back to my favorite: Youtube. (You can do anything with Youtube.) We have fixed our leaking freezer, our broken garage door, and our loud heater. Youtube for life!

That being said, of course I turned to Youtube for learning how to pack lightly.

Here was my favorite video for ebags:
Packing my ebags

Here was my favorite makeup blog:
“What to pack in your makeup bag,”

The most inspirational blog/video:
How to travel light

Here is my pinterest page of everything I collected on traveling light:

Once I felt like I had done the proper research, gotten all the items I really needed, I was ready to do a trial run.

My first and hardest step was not bringing 1 million outfits. I am a chronic over-packer but every single site said “Pack 1 weeks worth of clothes, and do wash.”

So here’s a breakdown of my trial run for packing light, it was a huge success and hopefully helps you too!

From Left to Right: Carry On, Eagle Creek Shirt holder, Ebags (I didn’t even use the medium ebag.)

phone transfer 8-23 008phone transfer 8-23 010 phone transfer 8-23 009

Step one for me was putting two of my 4 pairs of shoes in the bottom of the suitcase: (1 pair will be in my purse and I’m obviously wearing my other pair 🙂

phone transfer 8-23 011


Step 2: Picking out the shirts I was going to take. I have 10 tops total. Here they are hanging up and on the floor. I took all of these shirts, folded them and put them into the Eagle Creek Shirt Holder.

phone transfer 8-23 058 phone transfer 8-23 057

Here they are all in the shirt holder and in the suitcase. (I rearranged once more cubes were packed.)

phone transfer 8-23 013


Now for packing the largest cube..In my largest cube I was able to roll all the items and fit the following:

big cube

I also shoved some socks in there as well.

Next up: Small cube!

phone transfer 8-23 059

Without showing you photos of my underoos, I’ll just tell you what’s in here:

-24 pairs of underwear
– 8 Socks (I’ll need to add more socks)
-2 bras

All in that tiny lil cube. Rolling clothes is amazing.

Jewelry packer:

purse packing THE GOOD ONE

Here is everything in the suitcase. I had to play around with each one to make sure it would fit the best.

So to recap…all of this below

phone transfer 8-23 054


Packed into my carry on:

phone transfer 8-23 053phone transfer 8-23 022phone transfer 8-23 052

Oh yes, and I threw my laundry kit into the front pouch. Never even used the pouches on the suitcase lid.

phone transfer 8-23 035

Purse Packing: So onto the last and super important part, picking the right purse and additional carry on items.

Purse packing

I know it doesn’t look like all of this will fit…oooooo but it does!

phone transfer 8-23 045 BOOM!

It’s all in there. The reason why, this amazing pillow rolls up small so you can throw it in your bag.

phone transfer 8-23 044

Here is a video of me rolling up the pillow so you can see how small it can get (I’m doing it one-handed so obviously it would be as small in my photo above if you use both hands.)

I posted a photo of my travel outfit on an earlier blog post but I’m wearing everything below, and carrying my trench coat.



I’m super excited that I was able to get everything into a carry on and purse and I plan to carry it all on the plane. I checked the airline website and measured my suitcase and it’s good to go. I’m sure I’ll be nervous, I hate being the person with a suitcase, but why pay for a bag when I packed efficiently?

I still have some space in my suitcase lid if I need to throw anything else in there, and I can easily lift the suitcase so weight wise it’s fine too 🙂

I’ll do some reviews of everything once we return in October. I just wanted to do a practice round.

Feel free to share ideas or tips, I don’t leave until mid Sept. so there’s time to improve!

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