Stitch Fix 8: Clothes for Europe Trip

In exactly 6 days, I will be in Dublin, Ireland. To say that I’m “excited” doesn’t quite do it justice. Matt and I have been planning our Europe trip for so long, and I cannot believe it is almost here. We are spending 14 days in Europe and visiting Dublin, London, Liverpool and Paris. I studied abroad in Dublin so it has a very special place in my heart.

I decided that I wanted to get clothes for the trip abroad and asked for last fix (which I was not happy with,) and this Fix to be focused on the trip. This time around I basically wrote a book about what I wanted and it seems like they listened. I got Alison this time and she really paid attention to what I wanted “Comfortable, Casual Tops that can be paired well with leggings/skinny jeans, and can be dressed up or down. Sticking to whites, blacks, grays, and tan colors” I also asked for a 3/4 length sleeve black dress…but what they sent wasn’t quite my favorite.

Let’s Kickoff Stitch Fix 8:

1. 41 Hawthron Filber 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

fix 8


I love this top. I’m pretty sure anything with buttons that they send me I end up keeping. Black is obviously flattering and I tried this on with leggings as well, and it works. Like that I could wear this top for a day of travel and just stay in it to go out that night. I like the material, if hand-washed in a sink it will dry quickly and doesn’t wrinkle too badly.

VERDICT: Kept this!

2. Kensie Todd Colorblock Slub Knit Raglan Sweater

fix 8.2


When I say that this sweater is the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my body…I mean it. It is so incredibly soft and I paired it in the above photos with both leggings and my Kensie skinny jeans and I think it works with both. It’s not the most “form flattering” but it’s a comfy, baggier sweater that is gorgeous in person. It has hints of gold on it. The only thing holding me back is price… It’s really expensive. Obviously I love my Kensie jeans, and I think I would get a ton of use out of this…being a normally sweaty person, it’s nice to have light sweaters that breathe. I have never spent this much on a sweater and don’t know if that’s how much it costs to have the softest sweater ever on your skin…

Verdict: Decided to keep it!

3. Loveappella Yana 3/4 Sleeve Striped Dress

fix 8.5


Okay, so I know I have a giant butt, that has never been a surprise to me. It’s something I actually embrace, and now love. BUT this dress…Seriously look at it from the side…it’s too much. I wanted this dress to work out so badly, so I could have an easy dress to pair with leggings and boots, pair with flats if i want to be a little dressy…nope. This one is not doing it for me. It’s definitely going back. Stripes and I just don’t get along. I’m going to see if i can find an all black dress at TJ Maxx instead. I’m just not a fan, even if I really want to be.

Verdict: Peace Out Dress. Going back!

4. Papermoon Calvin Scoop Neck Striped Knit Top

fix 8.1


So here are my thoughts. The cut on this shirt is weird…it has REALLY high sides but with a tank top underneath I really kind of like it. The pocket on the front is super weird…but again…it intrigues me. I paired it with both leggings and jeans and it works with both. It’s SUPER comfy and would be a good shirt or sightseeing, but I also don’t want to look gross. I just cannot decide on this one either.

Verdict: Sent this back

5. Market and Spruce Sam hi-Lo short Sleeve top

fix 8.4


Not quite sure why all of these photos are blurry… so this shirt. I requested this after seeing it on another person’s blog. I paired this shirt with both leggings and jeans and SHOCKER, I’m unsure. I like it, it’s super comfy material, and I think with my necklace it looks really great. Alone it’s really plain.

I’m just torn on this as well.

Verdict: Sent this back


**Updated what I kept and sent back**


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