A Mascara that Has Changed My Makeup Game

Sooooooo I wasn’t going to write a post about the new mascara I found because I wasn’t sure it was as life changing for other people besides me. I have decent lashes, but recently have been exploring false lashes because it really enhances your makeup game.

Let me start by saying, I hate false lashes. Putting them on makes me nervous, having them on is uncomfortable, and I worry about them all night so it just seemed silly to me to keep putting them on. That being said, I recently saw someone post a photo of their eyelashes on Facebook of a before and after with a mascara, and I was stunned. They said it was a mascara called “Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes” and it changed their life. I figured, let me check out some other photos, and it was a serious difference for everyone. (See images below.)

younique 008 010 011

I knew the woman posting about the mascara, so I knew her before and after photos were legit. I figured, “What the heck!” let me try this.

The mascara is $29, which is a lot, but I only use it for big events and plan to stretch these bad boys for 2 months at least.

So you may be asking…”Okay so why are you sharing then?”
My friend recently came to my house, we were getting ready for an engagement party and she tried the mascara, and it was INSANE. The difference it made for her was huge, so it wasn’t just me.

Here’s a photo of me in the mascara (I don’t put it on that heavy, but you could extend them even more if you wanted.)


If you’re interested, let me know I have the person’s contact info if you want to order. I love them, and prefer them to falsies, but everyone is different!

Below are tips and tricks they sent me to applying the Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes. Super easy to use.

Basically do the following:

  1. Apply Regular Mascara
  2. Let Mascara dry then apply Transplanting Gel
  3. Right after applying Transplanting Gel apply Fibers
  4. Apply Transplanting Gel over Fibers
  5. Done 🙂

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