Engagement Party Gift Basket: PSU Themed!

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Above is the basket I recently created for my friend’s engagement party. It was the first engagement party I’ve ever been to and I wanted to make something special for the bride. Most people aren’t registered for gifts right after their engagement so I figured I’d put my creative skills to the test.

The bride is a huge PSU fan, we went to school together at Penn State. She is obsessed with it and her wedding theme is “We Are…Getting Married.”

My idea was to create a basket for wedding planning with things that she might need or want to have around the house during the process. I decided to go to TJ MAXX and luckily they had everything in blue and white, which was fantastic. I also bought tags so that I could label each item and explain how it could help.

So here are the items I decided to include:
-blue basket to hold everything (I put packing air bags in the bottom so that everything would sit up.)
– Blue and white blanket: to snuggle under with her fiance while planning.
– Blue martini glasses: for when they need a drink during planning
– Wine and spirits gift card: to use to buy the booze for above
– Notebook: to write down anything she needed during vendor visits.
– Things To Do labeled notepad
– Blue and White polka dot straws: for surprise visitors or just to spice up a get together with PSU colors
– Fun blue and white Napkins: same reasons above. Spice up a get together with PSU colors
– Big Blue envelope: to hold all her vendor agreements and signed contracts
– Blue and White Baking cups: Her relief to stress is baking, so I wanted to give her PSU themed baking items
– Fun blue colored Thank you notes: Because you send them constantly so it’s nice to have fun ones on hand
– Sparkly blue nail polish: to touch up before parties or events with PSU colors.
– Blue and white travel coffee mug: for all the caffeine needed during planning.
I wrapped everything in PSU ribbons I got on Amazon. Created the bow on front and tied it to the ribbon around the basket.

This is my first ever gift basket and the bride loved it. I encourage everyone to try it out, because let me tell you…I was pretty sure it was going to turn out awful and it didn’t!

I have a bunch of wedding showers coming up so I’m going to gear up for creating more wedding baskets! I’ll share them as I create them, (after the bride receives them of course.)

Here’s to trying new things and having them work out!


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