Stitch Fix #9: A Few Surprises, But Mostly No’s.

This Stitchfix was an overall surprise to me. This round I requested fitted tops, pleather leggings and bootcut jeans. In some ways the stylist listened, but in others not so much. I made sure to go through my pinterest board and edit everything again so when I request a fix next time, it is more of what I’m thinking in my head.

Let’s start with my for sure no’s.

1. Ryan Chevron Knit Infinity Scarf

stitchfix blog 025
Although it is super cute, I cannot justify the prices they have for Scarves. I am definitely going to mark off “do not send” on the scarf option for next time.

2. Tallulah Faux Leather Detail Pant

stitchfix blog 010stitchfix blog 011
I hated these. I so desperately wanted to love them, I’ve been looking for pleather leggings. I think the line on these are meant for stick thin girls, and I have curves. These pleather lines hit ALL the wrong places. Hated them.

3. Colinda Sheer V-Neck Sweater
stitchfix blog 019 stitchfix blog 018stitchfix blog 017
I get the idea of this sweater, but it was a little TOO revealing. You could literally see details of my ladies. No thanks. The photos obviously don’t show how revealing it was because I’m not posting those online, but basically you could NEVER bend over. I liked the fit of the sweater everywhere else though, if this V was just a TINY bit higher, I’d be all over this.

4. Donelle V-Neck Button-Up Cardigan
stitchfix blog 023 stitchfix blog 020 stitchfix blog 021
This sweater I’m just meh about. The color is not my favorite, and for $58 I am just not in love with it. I was hoping for something different. This just really missed the mark on what I was looking for. (plus I just got a great one in teal and navy from them. It’s too similar in shape.)

5. Simmons Regular Length Bootcut Jean
stitchfix blog 016stitchfix blog 014stitchfix blog 013
This is the only item I cannot decide on. They are bootcut BLACK jeans. Unsure if I want black bootcut jeans. I was hoping for a lighter denim maybe? Something different. I like the fit, the flare is pretty big, I need help on this one. Let me know your thoughts. Keep or send back.

Overall I was super disappointed with this fix. I feel like whomever styled this one just didn’t quite get it for me. My mom recently signed up and ended up with an AMAZING sweater (I think I was disappointed not to see more things like that. Ugh.)

Oh well. Perhaps I need to be more clear, or look back at a stylist whom I loved and specifically request them. Definitely a mostly miss for me on this one.

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