Stitchfix #10: Back in the Game!

If you didn’t read my last post about Stitchfix #9, I was really disappointed. I felt like they didn’t get me, sent weird things I wasn’t looking for, bad cuts, bad fits…just…BAD.

So after talking to some fellow Stitchfixers on our Facebook group, (yes, we have a group and share things we’ve gotten, I share my blog posts;) I found out that other people were requesting their stylists. If they found someone they clicked with they would request them for each fix. I decided maybe this is what I needed to do. Not everyone meshes, so I needed to find out which fix was my favorite and ask for that stylist.

Turns out I kept it all on Stitchfix #4, and my stylist’s name was Emily. This round in my notes section I was specific that “I wanted tops, chiffon is good, and that could be worn casually or on a date night.” I also specified “please have whomever styled my 4th Stitchfix style this one.” And guess what, she was AWESOME. Stylist Emily, you get me.

So here’s the breakdown of what I got.

1. Collective Concepts Blouse
sf 10.5sf 10. 4


I love this blouse. When I first took it out of the box I was not into it. I was unsure of the detail on the sleeve and the overall “feel” to it, but hey, isn’t this about trying new things? I love the color red, and when I put it on..I’m a big big fan. You’re looking at my Christmas outfit right here folks.

Verdict: Keeping it.

2. Monoreno Rider Jacket
SF 10sf 10.2sf 10.3

First, don’t mind my messy bathroom sink! haha. As soon as I pulled this bad boy out I was sold. I kept another asymmetrical zippered cardigan from Stitchfix and adore it. For some reason this style is good on curves. Love this jacket! It’s lightweight so it could be worn under another coat in winter, worn by itself in spring/Fall and well, not at all in summer. Maybe on a colder night. Love this coat. Love its style, love its fit and it makes me feel skinny…always a plus.

Verdict: Keeping it.

3. Ellison Leopard Print Button Up
sf 10.10sf 10.9

I adore leopard. I adore it so so much and finding the correct leopard print is difficult. This sweater does it for me. It’s the right size print, I love that I can pair it with leggings because it’s longer, the fit is great, comfortable but still “dressed up.” It’s perfect. I cannot wait to throw on some brown riding boots and wear this wherever I’m going. Love it.

Verdict: Obviously keeping **Since this post I found this sweater for cheaper on another site. I contacted Stitchfix and they price matched the sweater for me**

4. Fun2Fun Paisley Grid Print Blouse
sf 10.8sf 10.7

Okay so this is my first “miss.” Like the cut and LOVE the material of the shirt, it was so soft…but the print just isn’t me. I like that it was something different for me to try but I’m not into it. It’s a little “hippie” for me and I definitely was not feeling it. Cut was great though.

Verdict: No thanks, sending back.

5. Pixley Faux Leather Shoulder Dress
no no dress

As you will notice I am not in this dress…that’s how bad it was. I LOVED the idea. The material was great, it was a little edgy with the faux leather details…but the fit was so bad on me. Umpire waists are my best friend and this was tight all the way down to the upper thighs, no bueno on curves. Wish so badly that it worked, but it was a no go.

Verdict: Bye Bye fun Dress

I’m so glad that this fix was better. I was starting to lose faith in the fixes, but Emily set me right again. I love everything she sent, just some weren’t quite right. Keeping 3 out of 5 is not bad at all. Also it doesn’t hurt that all I asked for for Christmas were Stitchfix Giftcards, so buying clothes with that will definitely help.

I’m back in love with Stitchfix and definitely recommending that you request a stylist you love. It made all the difference in my fix. I also pin like crazy before a fix and I think that really helped my stylist get me.

Here’s to another adventure…RENT THE RUNWAY! The dress comes tonight for a wedding tomorrow. I’ll review and let you know!



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