Rent the Runway Review

I have been toying with the idea of trying out “Rent the Runway” for months now. The whole idea was scary to me, and as an anxiety-ridden person…deciding to finally rent a dress made me super nervous.

The whole idea is that you get to rent designer dresses for a fee. It’s not for everyone. A few people have said “Why would I pay for a dress that I don’t get to keep?” I, however, love the idea. I don’t like to re-wear dresses to events because I have this weird affinity that lets me remember EXACTLY what people wore to events. What a silly gift right? It makes me never want to wear the same dress.

Instead of buying a $30-$60 dress at TJ MAXX or Steinmart, and then never wearing it again, I decided I would rather spend that money on renting a designer dress that I could NEVER afford in real life. This way I get to wear it to the event, and send it back when I’m done.

Again, I’m anxiety-ridden so the thought of a 4-day rental had me in a panic (you can do an 8-day rental but that is a bit more expensive.) I picked the dress I wanted online, ordered my size and a delivery date for one day before the wedding. (Next time I would do a delivery date 2 days before the wedding, just in case.) The delivery is guaranteed to be there by 8 p.m. on your delivery date. For me, the delivery was close to 8 p.m. and I was terrified it wasn’t going to arrive. Definitely do 2 days before your event if you are a nervous person.

When you place your rental order you also get a “backup size” for free. I ordered my usual size and a size smaller just in case.

I was out the night of delivery and came home to the Rent the Runway box on my doorstep.
RTR blue 3

Inside the box there was a garment bag (that you get to keep) with both dresses and an adorable little bag with travel lotion and gum for your event.

RTR blue 5


There was also an instructional card hanging right on the garment back that explains exactly what to do and the date you need to have your dresses into a UPS dropbox by. It tells you how to return the dresses, what to do if it doesn’t fit, and contact information just in case. I LOVE when a company spells it out for you so there are NO questions on what to do. There was also a return UPS bag to send your dresses back when you are done. It’s nice when they make it easy on you.

RTR blue 2 RTR blue 4


I tried on the dress at 11 p.m. the night before the wedding we were going to, obviously panicking. Luckily the dress fit PERFECTLY in my size. I have never been stopped at a wedding before to have someone I don’t know tell me they love my dress. Seriously. It was such a gorgeous dress and it just made my night.

Here I am in the dress:

RTR blue

I’m a curvy pear-shaped girl, so you can definitely find “curve-friendly” dresses on the site. They have 0-14 and then plus sizes as well, so there’s lots of options. I paired this Monique Lhuillier dress with a baublebar necklace I purchased and some gold sky high heels. Oh, and did I mention the dress had POCKETS! How wonderful.

I’m a huge fan of Rent the Runway and will definitely be using them again. I think the key is ordering the dress 2 days before your event so you have time to rush order another if it doesn’t fit, or if you don’t like it. The other key; knowing your body. I know that umpire waists are my friend and skin-tight is not.

This adventure was a success and I’m super excited to order again for my next wedding!

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