2nd Rent the Runway Success

I just realized it has been FOREVER since my last post. I had some things happen and have been out of commission, but now I’m back, AND WITH A REVIEW!!

I had such a pleasant first experience with Rent the Runway so I decided to rent another dress for my husband’s Christmas party. I wanted something classy and sexy, and boy did this dress deliver!

I found this amazing Rachel Roy Dress:

rent the runway 2


It hugged in all the right places and was super curve friendly! Curves are always a concern for me, especially when renting designer dresses. This dress hit it out of the park, and with some spanx stockings, it was ideal.

I recently learned I can create shortlists in my Rent The Runway account and label them for different events. I have a TON of weddings coming up so I’m creating all my different lists for the various events.

I think the most important thing with using Rent The Runway is to know your body. I know that there are just certain styles that will not work on my “pear-shaped” body. They may be GORGEOUS, but they just aren’t meant for me.

The most helpful part of the site is that they include real people photos. I can scroll through photos of real people with their sizes listed in that exact dress I’m viewing. It is so helpful to see real women in the dress, especially when they have similar curves/sizes.

I cannot recommend this site enough. If you’re like me and hate re-wearing dresses this is perfect. Instead of going to TJ MAXX or Steinmart and spending $30-$50 and kinda liking a dress, I get to spend lots of time perusing designer dresses, picking one that works for my body based on real people photos, and then wearing it, sweating in it and sending it back to be cleaned.

This site has changed events for me. I hope the relationship continues to be great and I keep finding dresses that work for my body-type!

If you’re thinking about trying it out and have questions, feel free to ask me!

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