The Beginnings of A Lady Cave

Recently I have been scoping out some ideas on pinterest. We have an office right off our Master Bedroom and to be honest, we basically just throw things in there. It’s 1/2 storage, 1/2 mess. I organize it every now and then but I’m never truly happy with anything.

After 3 years of being in our house, I decided…”Hey, maybe it’s time we actually start living here.” I finished our Master Bedroom (I’ll get some photos and a post up soon.) One of my biggest annoyances is not having a space to “get ready.”

We have ZERO counter space in our bathrooms and my dream has always been to have somewhere to sit to do makeup and hair. I always wanted a vanity. I just didn’t want to spend a bunch of money…Then the thought hit me. Perhaps…I can have a whole room? A LADY CAVE! I started researching how to make a an office space slash a lady cave. Drumroll…my pinterest board “pinspiration.”

After reading some other blogs and doing some research I realized that I can do everything I want at Ikea. Will it be the most sturdy furniture, no, but it will serve it’s purpose and not break the bank.

I made a shopping list on Ikea (Didn’t know you could actually pick the Ikea Store you’re going to and get the EXACT location of your items.) It saved me hours. I knew where everything was and was in and out.

What did I buy?

Malm Dressing Table
Stodja Insert
Skurar Pot and Candle Holders
Micke Desk
Alex Drawers

This is just the beginning post, so I  have only put together the Malm Dressing table so far. I’m going to get the office painted a beautiful light gray with white trim and eventually build and add the rest of the furniture.

The end goal is to have a space that has the functionality of an office if I need it, but also a place where I can get ready and relax.

Here is the start with the Malm Dressing Table:

lady cave 1 lady cave 2 lady cave 3 lady cave 4 lady cave 5


Once the room is painted I will build the rest of the furniture and get the room totally set up. I’m saving up for a tufted chaise lounge to really make it feel like a luxurious lady cave!

I’ll share as I get things completed.

Master bedroom post coming soon. The lighting is a bit tricky so whenever I can get some good photos I’ll share.

Here’s to the adventure of Home Projects!

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