Wine Club? Yes, Please!

I was reading an article about two MIT grads who started a new wine club “Bright Cellars”. You take a quiz about foods, drinks, and experiences that you enjoy and you are paired with four wines. They are shipped to you, obviously you have to be 21+ to do this, and must sign for it.

I decided to try this out. I love wine, but often struggle when I’m in the store to pick out a new wine and will usually pick something I’ve had before. I’d like to try different reds and whites and find things I love!

I also love having wine in the house for when guests come over, so this seems like a perfect solution.

The monthly price is a bit steeper than I would prefer, $60 for four bottles of wine, but the first trial is 1/2 off so it’s $30 for four bottles paired to me via my test. (You can cancel at any time, so if I hate it, $30 is not bad for 4 bottles of decent wine.)

I’m hoping that I find new wines that I normally wouldn’t try, and am excited for my first shipment! Below are my matches based on the quiz. I asked for whites and reds and said I was willing to be “adventurous.”

wine choices



If you’re looking to find out more about Bright Cellars and also want 50% of your first match, just click here!

***Wine arrived***

wine club 1 wine club 2 wine club 3 wine club 4

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