Sephora Custom Makeover: Amazing, but Be Prepared to Break Your Bank

Last night I went to a scheduled appointment at Sephora for a “Custom Makeover.” You can either do a mini session, a custom makeover or a Personal Beauty advisor.

I had a fantastic experience with my Custom Makeover. I went in at 6 p.m. and met with Stephanie, a makeup artist. I wanted to work on finding a foundation, my skin is super tricky, and applying it. I also wanted to do the same for concealer, highlighting and contouring and even attempt to find a solution to my constant redness in my cheeks.

From the moment I sat down I felt like Stephanie was ‘Team Megan.’ She wanted to find a perfect foundation for me. We did the SkinIQ thing that they have, but as I mentioned before, my face is tricky. I’m Irish, and pale, but I have pink undertones, which sometimes don’t work with pale foundations. Basically my face is an enigma. Even the BeautyIQ tool was like “WTF, is going on with this face.”

The first step was finding a primer that helped cool my redness. Stephanie tried Cover FX Calming Primer, which immediately took away some of my red cheeks issue. The recommendations from the IQ Tool were for a certain makeup, but when we tried it on it had a super yellow tint to it. Stephanie decided to try Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. She didn’t spray it on my face, she sprayed onto this brush, and applied it, it looked like I had nothing on. It was perfection.

Next we worked on a concealer for my under eye area. We found Nars seemed to work well. Stephanie told me that based on my skin/face I only needed concealer in my under eye area. She showed me how to best apply it, in the lovely triangle shape. It completely brightened my eye area.

My next question was highlighting and contouring. We tried a few different products but actually found that Kat Von D’s eye palette could work multiple things for me. I could use one of the browns as my contour color and it provided me with Matte eye shadows that I don’t currently have to perfect the eye makeup look. Stephanie taught me where and how to apply contour under my cheek, but again, based on my face didn’t recommend putting it EVERYwhere. Just under the cheek and if I wanted to a little around the top of my face. The palette provided highlighting colors for my face and contouring colors as well as eye shadow. I’m all for combining things to save money!

I had already applied my eye makeup before going into the store and Stephanie wanted to show me, using the Kat Von D Eye Palette, how to add more dimension for a night out or a wedding makeup. She added more depth with me under the brow bone, and it looked amazing. She also used a brown eye liner and showed me how to apply right under the water line. (I don’t think I would do my eyeliner quite as heavy, but for a night out this was great.)

Finally, came lips. I don’t usually wear lipstick, but she showed me a great natural liner, Too Faced Nude Lip Liner. We applied it, and then a Bobbi Brown Lip gloss over top. (I have a lip gloss I love, so I didn’t purchase this.)

Stephanie set my foundation with a Becca Blotting Powder that she swears by. Nothing moved.

So here’s what I looked like last night:


Everything that is on my face I learned to do. I am beyond excited to do everything on my own and will definitely post a photo. All the eye makeup I did alone, except the shading at the top and the bottom liner. Here’s to the adventure of getting more skilled with makeup, and enjoying every second of it.

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