A Teeth Whitening Adventure

I like coffee. I like red wine. I like all things that are bad for the color of my teeth.

Recently I’ve noticed in some photos that my teeth are a few shades yellow-er than I would prefer. After seeing a few different instagram posts from “celebrities” about this whitening package, I decided, “what the heck, let’s give this a try!”

The kit I tried was “Luster Premium White Teeth

I took a beginning photo and an ending photo.

I read a bunch on Amazon reviews and every single person told me to follow the directions that another user posted…so I did. Here are his directions:

1. Brush teeth as usual, rinse.
2. Brush teeth with just water (no paste). Rinse, repeat. <– this step helps to prevent tooth pain.
3. Use the Luster mouthwash that is provided.
4. Roll up a 2 inch wide strip of paper towel. Put it between your bottom lip and teeth, so that your lip no longer touches your teeth or gums.
5. Repeat step 4, but for the top teeth.
6. With your lips now pushed out away from your teeth and gums, apply chapstick or vaseline liberally to your lips. <– protects lips.
7. Use the Luster whitening brush to paint your front teeth, carefully avoiding touching any skin/lip/gum area.
8. Don’t forget to re-dip that brush after *every* tooth you paint.
9. Hold the light to your mouth, press the button, and wait 2 minutes. Position it between your lips so that they aren’t getting the brunt of the light.

When you are done, you’ll probably have a lot of saliva to spit out. That’s fine, but do NOT rinse with water. Get another 10 ml of the mouthwash, and repeat from step 3 onwards. Do this over & over until you’ve done the process 10 times. THEN you can rinse with water.

My teeth don’t hurt, my lips are fine, my gums are fine. I *did* feel my lip getting very hot during the 6th time through the process, but that just indicated to me that I had accidentally dripped a bit of the whitening solution onto my skin. After that 6th time was done, I grabbed a paper towel and scrubbed the heck out of my lip, then re-applied the chapstick with a thick coat. Everything turned out to be just fine.

I followed this guys directions to a tee, and also was prepared to become a “saliva monster” as others had posted. Drool is a definite folks…just do this alone. Don’t let anyone watch you, trust me.

Here are my beginning teeth:

teeth 1

Here’s me holding the light to my teeth:

teeth 2

Here’s my teeth after the recommended 10 applications:

teeth 3

I see a definite difference and am thrilled with this. For $25 this was WELL worth it. This costs a crazy amount of money at the dentist office and this worked for me. You can do another 10 applications the following day if you want whiter teeth and I might do this. I’m still debating. They recommend doing this every 2-3 months to maintain the whiteness. There is plenty of mouthwash/whitener to do this application a few times.

Word of caution: FOLLOW THE ABOVE DIRECTIONS TO A TEE! Apparently other people had tooth sensitivity, issues with their gums. I have none of that after following the above directions.

I’m super happy with my teeth whitening adventure and so glad I ordered it. Let me know how yours turns out if you decide to try!

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