Super Easy Wet Hairstyle, and Colourpop Rocket Lip!

I have thick hair, sometimes a gift…sometimes a curse. When it’s hot out the last thing I want to do is sit and blowout my hair. I’m always in search of cute hairstyles you can do with wet hair, and found a winner. I figured, let me share this as we approach the warm, humid summer months. If it was this easy for me, it will be just as easy for you!

I searched this exact phrase on pinterest: “Cute hairstyles with wet hair,” and this gem of a video came up. Everything is super easy to follow, and it’s so quick. I did it in 1o minutes, tops.

Here are my after photos.

wet hairstyle

It’s not perfect, but this is definitely going into my “I’m too busy or I don’t feel like it” repertoire.

Today is a double trial day. I’ve been slowly testing out my Colourpop lip colors and for me, using the lip pencil they recommend has definitely helped.

Here is Colourpop’s Rocket Lip Pencil and Color on me. So if you have fair skin, a bright pink can definitely work for you too 🙂

colourpop rocket 1 colourpop rocket 2

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