Mission Lady Cave: Almost Complete!

You might remember I mentioned the beginnings of a lady cave? If not just click here! It will tell you where I got most of the furniture and provides links.

I mentioned not having any counter space in my bathroom and just generally missing the space I had in college when I had a full desk to “get ready at.”

I have been working at this lady since March and it’s almost entirely finished; I literally have just curtains, pillows and a throw for the new chaise left to go! Curtains are on their way!

The first thing I did was put together the Malm Desk which is in my first post. The next thing was putting together the Ikea Desk, Ikea Alex Draws, and getting the room painted.

My husband has a great eye for wall colors and we found out we have a local Sherwin William store and wanted to support them. We got a great color called Pewter there!

Here are the walls and the desk!

lady cave grey wallsdesk photo

Once I got the desk together I added a few cute things I found online. A cute love print and one about coffee and wine. I framed them with existing frames I had and stuck them on top of the desk.

I also found this cute print already framed at Homegoods. It says “The Best is Yet to Come” in gold. I loved this.


Next came the chaise lounge. I knew that I wanted this room to be both work and play. I had a makeup desk to get ready, with all my hair tools underneath, a desk to do actual work and stay organized, and drawers to keep all of our papers filed. From the start of this project I have wanted a glamorous lounge chair in the room, and a wine bucket.

Work hard, play hard right?

The chaise proved to be difficult. Everything I liked was just a crazy price to pay for a lady cave chaise. I wanted something less than $300 that looked great. Wayfair really came through for me this!

I also wanted meaningful art on the wall. For me, that’s usually quotes or prints. I found the “Best is yet to Come” but wanted 2 more for above the chaise lounge in the room. Thank You Etsy, as always for coming through.

I recently became obsessed with Parks & Rec (sadly a late bloomer on this one,) and adore the “Treat Yo’ Self” day. I thought, what better print than that for the lady cave. I found an amazing girl on Etsy and got this print. She recommended getting it printed at mpix.com which is exactly what I did.

I also found a quote, which I’ve posted on this blog before, but it just sums up my friendships perfectly and then ordered this print but in silver on Etsy. Here is a close up of it:

quote i love

I got frames for both of these prints and got them up on the wall.

So here are the two prints and my new gorgeous chaise, (Which I had to put together, go me!)

113 112116118115114


Here’s a panorama of the whole room (don’t mind the squiggly chaise, I have the shakiest hands ever.)




If you cannot decipher my black light switch it’s my piece of nerd in my lady cave, here’s a close up:

lady cave light switch

You might have also notice there is a wine bucket/stand 🙂 Here is a closeup! I cannot wait to get my girlfriends hanging out in this room and a bottle of bubbly in this stand!



So what’s left?

My pop of color is going to be that bright blue in the curtains! I’m going to carry that through into a pillow or 2 for the chaise and a throw! I might get a really inexpensive small smart tv so I can watch netflix, amazon prime etc. in there as well.

This room has seriously been one of my favorite decorating adventures. It was awesome that my husband was completely on board for me to have a room totally to myself, and it’s so incredible to disappear for a while and allow my creativity, whether through makeup, hair, crafts…whatever it is, I just let it flow.

Only a few more small things and this room will be complete. I am so in love with my adventure and this lady cave:)

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