A Hunt for the Right Skin Regiment

I have always had super fair, super sensitive skin. The struggle is real. Along with that comes some redness in my cheeks and giant pores. I have been relying on makeup to cover things but recently decided..well what if my skin was amazing BEFORE I put on my makeup (revolutionary idea right? haha!)

I did some research and found a few bloggers who raved about a clay mask. It is two ingredients and easy to do…two things that are a must for me.

The first ingredient:

Aztec Clay bought mine on Amazon here

aztec clay


It has directions right on the clay for the mask.

The other ingredient is Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (which I am finding out has many other uses as well.)

I bought this also on Amazon here!

apple cider vinegar

Are you ready for the easiest DIY mask ever.

Mix equal parts of the clay with the apple cider vinegar. Put it on your face. Done.

5-10 min for sensitive skin (I’m wearing it right now and it’s tightening CRAZY amounts)

15-20 for non-sensitive skin.

Wash off with warm water.

The do say there is redness for about 30 minutes or more because of the increased blood flow to your face.

Here I am in the mask, feel free to giggle, because it’s hilarious.

face mask

Okay..DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE. They were not kidding about the redness of your face. It looks like I have a sunburn. It feels amazing though. Super soft.

red face


It’s recommended to do the mask 2-3 times a week so I’ll stick to that and report back. Also other users recommend moisturizing right after. Which I will also do.

Here’s to an adventure in better skin!

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