Stitch Fix #15 (forgot to take photos for #14)

It’s that time again, Stitch Fix Review Time!

This round I asked for dresses for a winery wedding shower that I could wear to weddings later in the year. I also asked for summer tanks as well.

This round wasn’t my favorite, but I’m also in a weird in between sizes phase (which is exciting to be losing weight, but super hard to find clothes right now.)

Reviews begin NOW:

1.MARKET & SPRUCE Kesey Romper

First let me say, I have been asking for a Romper for many rounds and the stylist I love REMEMBERED that and sent me one. This romper felt like pajamas on, the colors were great, the only issue…camel toe. Yes, I said. I didn’t show it in the photo below, but it was bad news bears. My torso to short ratio didn’t work with this bad boy. I wish it would have though, because it basically feels like you’re wearing the most comfortable pjs ever but you look cute. This also isn’t great if you have “tummy trouble” which I currently do. It hit right at the wrong spot and accentuated my “gut” from the side. Sad to do it, but sending this one back

winery stitch fix 8

VERDICT: Returning, and pretty sad about it.

2. Riva Lace Dress

This was a sheath dress which would normally have me running for the hills. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. The color is amazing, but something about it was off for me. I wish it defined my shape more, I think. It’s straight down which is hard when you’re a pear/hourglass. Sheath is just not the best shape. Also from the front it was a little tight looking on my tummy and hip area.

winery stitch fix 5 winery stitch fix 6 winery stitch fix 7


VERDICT: Bye Bye Sheath.

3. Mikaela Dress

Same issue as above. I didn’t love this dress…I didn’t hate it. If I’m going to spend $68 on a dress though I want to “feel good” in it, and this dress doesn’t deliver that for me. I liked the umpire waist, but felt like it needed to be a BIT tighter. The print was also off for me, not flattering on my body. The material was also SUPER heavy which wasn’t going to work for a summer event.

winery stitch fix 2 winery stitch fix 3 winery stitch fix 4


VERDICT: Back it goes!

4. Morsey Crochet Trim Top

This top was super cute and fun for summer, but if you have a chest at all…forget it. I’m a C and couldn’t even get it over my chest. It smooshed them down, it was actually kind of hilarious. It fit everywhere else but smooshed my chest. Not attractive. The photo below is just the shirt, because I did not want to post the smooshing.

winery stitch fix 13 winery stitch fix 14


VERDICT: Going back. Bye smooshie!

5. Rutland Knit Tank

This is the one item I did like. Normally I don’t go for flowers, but this tank is cute, comfortable and the material feels great. It’s a perfect tank for summer.

winery stitch fix 9 winery stitch fix 10 winery stitch fix 11 winery stitch fix 12


The shorts above are what I kept from my last fix. A really comfy pair of linen shorts, (that wrinkle super easy,) but are amazing…they also happen to match this tank well 🙂

VERDICT; Keeping this bad boy. Great for summer days/nights.

This round wasn’t easy because of my body changes, but I’m excited to see what clothes look like in a month or two. I’ll be scheduling an early September fix for a possible New Orleans trip!

Here’s to the adventure of sizes changing and refiguring out my shape.

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  1. Arielle says:

    I love your blog, your posts are amazing! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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