Cheers & Beers to 30 Years: My Husband’s 30th Beer Bash

“My name is Megan and I’m a control freak.” There I said it.

When my husband said to me “I just want a chill 30th with beer, and fast food type food.” My brain went into over drive because I over plan EVERYthing. I wanted to do his birthday exactly how he wanted, but still have some cute and nice things that would make him feel loved and appreciated. Hard to do with “chill, beer, and fast food.”

I came with the “Cheers and Beers to 30 Years” from scanning fun 30th birthday themes and I sent out a fun evite to all our friends using this:

We asked people to bring a 6-pack of craft beer instead of gifts and let everyone know we’d put out all the fun beers for everyone to try different things. I also wanted to have some fun things at the party for people to take home since we were asking them to bring beers.

Sticking with the “Beer Bash” theme I ordered Koozies and beer bottle openers. I put up a sign letting people know when they came in to grab a koozie, grab a bottle opener, add their beer to the beer list, pick out a new beer from the tubs, grab some grub, and come outside!

DSC_0979 DSC_0984 DSC_0985 DSC_0986


I also wanted to get Matt something cute “cake” wise. I found an amazing local bakery that did adorable cupcakes. I asked her to do beer mugs and 30’s. They turned out fantastically.

I also wanted to make sure that I had something meaningful for Matt. I collected photos from all his ages, had them printed on Polaroid looking paper and added his ages to the photo with the help of his Mom. I hung up the ages and photos in order on twine with mini clothespins. See the photo below for the photo timeline.


DSC_1037 DSC_1038 DSC_1039 DSC_1040

The photo timeline ended up being one of Matt’s favorite things, so I was so glad I put in the time and effort to collect the photos and work with his mom to get his ages.

One of the things I always do when we host parties is set up a photo booth on my computer. I spent money a while back on a program called “Sparkbooth.” It has been worth every penny. You use your computer, just open the program with a web cam and it works just like a photo booth. It counts down, takes the photos and puts them into cute photo collages. You can even customize the templates for each event.

I also ordered some fun photo booth props from Etsy that were beer/liquor related to go with the Beer Bash theme. My talented friend made fun beer mugs for the photo backdrop for the photo booth as well. Below you can see the props, backdrop and the Batdorf’s Beer Bash photo template for the photo booth.

DSC_1047DSC_1042batdorfs beer bash photo layoutDSC_0988

It was a great night and I’m so happy with how everything turned out for Matt’s 30th. The koozies were a hit and everyone appreciated their beer staying cold 🙂

An adventure in 30th birthday planning and a “chill” party with Chick Fil A, hoagies, and lumpia trays.

Cheers and Beers to a good night!


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