Stitch Fix #16: Do I Keep It All?

I’m about to head to New Orleans for the first time for my brother’s wedding and I realized…with that hot, steamy weather, my 3 pairs of shorts might not cut it.

I asked Emily, my go to gal, to send me shorts, rompers, dresses; things that would do well in hot and steamy weather, comfortable things for travel and sight-seeing. I also asked for a pair of dress pants for my annual company meeting (I own no dress clothes, since I work from home.)

My girl nailed it. She sent me two pairs of shorts, an adorable romper, great shirt, and dress pants.

Let’s just get right into my favorites!

  1. & 2. Skies are Blue Karla Textured Short & Jimson Zipper Detail Top

This blue short is super flattering, fits really well, and GET THIS; DOESN’T RIDE UP. If you have bigger thighs, shorts are so hard to find, especially ones that don’t constantly ride up your thighs into the abyss. These are cute, comfy, great material and can definitely be dressed up.

The top (secondary to these shorts of course,) was cute. Looked similar to a top I kept before, but was very flattering. The shorts stole the show for me though.

Verdict on Shorts: KEEPING FO’ SHO!

Verdict on Shirt: sending it back. I have something just like it.
367 366 365 371


3.  Market & Spruce Ralphie Romper

Emily sent me a romper before, and we had a lil bit of a “camel toe” issue (embarrassing to say but let’s just get real about it.) I actually told her that in my notes and she mentioned laughing pretty hard and then told me #longtorsoproblems. She was spot on. I guess my torso is longer than most. But back to THIS romper. The material is amazing, it basically feels like you slipped into your pajamas but way cuter. I loved this romper, (my husband hates rompers,) but I had to ignore him on this one. The print is super fun, the material is so comfortable and I like that there’s a button at the top to make this more demure, or if you unbutton it, a little more “night out on the town.”

VERDICT: Keeping this bad boy.

375 380 379

4. Dear John Lillie Cuffed Short

These jean shorts are very similar to a printed pair I kept from Stitch Fix. I loved them, but the print was sometimes hard to pair with detailed tops. I really wanted just a regular pair of jean shorts. As you can see, my butt is GIANT so shorts are not easy for me. These have a little stretch to them so they’re perfect. I like that I can roll these up or unroll them and they are almost bermuda short length. I don’t love them as much as the blue pair above, but I think they are a perfect jean, everyday short.

VERDICT: Keeping these! Love a casual, comfortable, travel short.

364 363 361

5. Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser

These dress pants were an elastic wide band waist, which was weird to me. In fact they were a little too big in my waist, but i like the fit everywhere else. Wish the waist was a bit more snug.

VERDICT: Sending back.

382 381

So Stitch Fix #15 was a winner! I got 2 pairs of shorts I love and a Romper I adore. I’m thrilled for my easier packing for New Orleans.

Looking forward to when I start my next adventure as a part-time stylist for Stitch Fix in October!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Carissa says:

    Enjoy NOLA; it’s one of my favorite places!

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      Thanks! I cannot wait!!

    2. meganlogue81 says:

      Thank you! Had a great time it was a really awesome city!!

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