Stitch Fix #17: Pushing Myself to Try New Things

le tote dress 2 le tote dressFor this Fix, I wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone. I asked for boyfriend jeans, considering I only ever wear skinny jeans. The stylist I work with is the best. She sent me everything I asked for, but most didn’t quite fit my body.

Drumroll…here we go.

  1. Kut From Cloth Boyfriend Jean

boyfriend jean

Normally I wouldn’t go for these, because they’re different but they are SO comfortable. The fit was great, obviously more relaxed that I’m used to.

VERDICT: Keeping. I need to try new things and I’m excited to play dress up with these bad boys.

2. Margaret M Emer Pant

dress pants

I got these in my last fix, in a bigger size and they were falling off. They sent me a smaller size and this time they fit great. They are pull-on, like leggings, but the material is a dress pant. They are basically the most comfortable dress pant. Now that they are in the right size I can actually appreciate them.

3. Alice Blue Blouse

plaid shirt

I have never wanted a shirt to work more, but this one was too tight in the bust AND hips. It was a silky plaid shirt, but just didn’t work on me. I wanted it to, SO badly, but nope.

VERDICT: Returned

4. RD Style Reynold Jacket

stitchfix coat

This jacket’s style was SPOT on. I just didn’t like the cut on me. It was boxier that I prefer. I especially couldn’t keep it because I just found this bad boy below, and that will be my new fall/winter coat:

red coat

5. Crescent Arminda Dress

NO PHOTO…cause it was no bueno. It was a gorgeous Blue Lace and halter neck (which was flattering,) unfortunately the rest of the dress was a sheath, and homegirl cannot work with those. My hips and butt said “Heck no.”

Overall I’m happy with my fix. I got everything I asked for, a very “Fall” fix. Unfortunately I just didn’t like how some of the things looked on me.

Here’s to my next adventure: Decorating the house for a super scary Halloween.



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