Lorac “Real Life to Red Carpet” set review.

Have you ever finished your makeup and thought “my makeup deserves a better outfit than this!” Haha. I had that moment last night. As I mentioned in my previous post I’m loving my new Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and how well it blends with my skin. This time I applied the makeup with my fingers and my new kabuki flat brush. The brush made the makeup a little heavy on the coverage side so I had to use the beauty blender to blend it out.

I love girlgetglamorous and she recently did a video on the Lorac set which is an insane price at nordstrom. I’m lucky enough to be the same skin tone as my favorite blogger so as soon as I saw how amazing the copper eye color looked on her, I put that bad boy in my shopping cart. You cannot beat this price, in fact it’s so popular it’s back ordered.

Okay so here’s how I created the look. Lorac sends you directions but I did my own little twist. I prepped with eye primer (from the Lorac set)  and applied the lightest shade to my brow bone and inner eye. Then I used my pointed crease brush to apply TEASE from my naked 2 palette.

Tease is a great crease and transition color in my skin tone so I love to  use it. I took my outer v brush and applied the darkest color to the outer v.

I took my Sephora blending brush and blended everything out. Then I applied my copper color to my lid and blended again.

Lorac actually gives you an amazing cream liner and brush which I’m obsessed with. I drew on my eyeliner and finished with the Lorac mascara.

I like black eyeliner on my waterline so I applied and finished with the Lorac brush applying the copper color under my lower lash line.

Here’s some of the finished product!

If you have blue or green/hazel eyes go get this set. It’s great for travel you just need this one shadow palette (and I’d take my naked palette like I always do.)

My next adventure, going to get a facial next weekend to help with my redness and dry patches. I will share what products they recommend if anyone else has the same problems!

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