Kay Von D Shade & Light Palette Review

I don’t know about you but I bust my ass all week; full time job, part-time job, gym, etc, and Friday has now become the most glorious of days. Friday is my night off, no gym, no part time work…just date night with my hubby and a chance to do my makeup, get dressed, and reconnect.

I also like to try a new eye makeup and today’s trial was using Kat Von D shade and light

I am in no way a professional, simply a makeup enthusiast. The Kat Von D palette gives you some different looks but I have tried all of them and wanted somethjng different. Enter YouTube to the rescue. I found a great video on doing a darker shading and using some of the colors I haven’t tried before.

Check out the finished product below. Also I found some sweet sweet lighting, which always helps.

That is a whole lot of photos but I just love the shading and the pigment in this set.

I’m wearing the Georgia Armani foundation again.

Since its date night and my obsession with styling continues here’s my casual date night outfit for happy hour with the hubs.Stitchfix everything.

I’m so glad I pushed myself to try a new eye makeup and I’m super pleased with how it turned out.

Can’t wait to discover more YouTube videos and try them out.

Here’s to YouTube trial adventures!

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  1. makeupbymon says:

    Your makeup looks amazing! I have the shade and light contouring palette and I just wrote a blog about it, but I’m dying to try the shadows. Thanks for the post!!

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