Stitch Fix #20: A Super Sleuth Trackdown of My New Favorite Jacket

First off, it’s insane that I’m up to 20 Stitch Fixes, but good god do I love when that box comes to my door and there are 5 pieces of clothing just waiting for me. It’s like Christmas every 3 weeks.

Have you ever stalked a piece of clothing. I mean truly stalked it. You see a pinterest post, you hunt it down. You see an image and super sleuth your way into knowing what it is?

Yup, me too. This time it was while watching “Scream Queens” on Fox. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s hilarious and ironic and the outfits are killer, get the pun 🙂

Jamie Lee Curtis was wearing a jacket and I’ve never had such a strong reaction. I said “I need that immediately.”

Here she is and here’s the coat: 

I google searched the hell out of this thing and it’s a bit out of my price range, but I found something similar on pinterest, and guess who carries it; STITCH FIX!

I immediately pinned this bad boy and knew it had to be mine.

So drumroll please; this Stitch Fix is below:

stitch fix blog post

I needed tops and some edgy pieces. Here’s what I got

  1. RD Style Wakefield Crossover Sweater– loved the idea of this and that it’s a bit edgy, but end of day it made me look wider than I am and I’m not going to the gym all the time to look wider.
    VERDICT: Returned
    rd style
  2. Daniel Rainn Silk blouse– This blouse is 100% silk and made me look skinny from the side, but I couldn’t. My arms are heavy and this made them look worse so back it went. (See below photo with Skinny pants)
    VERDICT: Returned
  3. Liverpool Maisy Coated Skinny Pant-  Alright curvy bottomed ladies, Listen Up! I have searched high and low for faux leather bottoms that hug in the right place and don’t gap weird if you have big thighs (super hard with faux leather material.) These are IT. They are a legging, so they are going to hug you right, and they have a distressed faux leather look to them. Also, sorry to do this, but there is a close up of my butt in them. I mean C’MON! These babies are clearly going right in my closet. Victory for the big ‘ol booty club.
    daniel rainn
  4. Tart Kaylie Textured Blazer- Let me start with the positives of this. The fit/cut on this are insane. It’s an expensive blazer but there’s a reason. The fabrication is amazing and the knit hugs you in the right places. I loved the white color, I basically adored it…except for the texture. It had a diamondy texture to it, and I think it made it too preppy for me. I wish it was just plain white because I would have spent the money on it. Amazing fit.
    VERDICT; Sadly returned
    tart blazer
  5. Blank NYC Lettie Jacket– THE JACKET! The one I stalked down and obsessed over, it arrived. And good God it did not disappoint. The photos don’t even do this bad boy justice. It fits in all the right places, it’s that perfect amount of edge and I’m basically obsessed with it, clearly. I cannot wait to wear it everywhere I go. I’ll take another photo sometime and add it below because this is a real winner for curves.
    VERDICT: Obviously keeping this and obsessing over it for all time.
    blank nyc

(I made my husband take a photo so the jacket could live in it’s glory.)

This Stitch Fix adventure was a fantastic one. I only kept 2 pieces, but I loved everything and found out that blazers are good for me in a knit. I always like trying new things and pushing myself outside my fashion comfort zone and  get to do that with Stitch Fix.

Here’s to my next adventure!

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