Lashes, Hair, & Holidays Makeup

The holidays were absolute insanity for me, as I’m sure they were for most people. The little piece of sanity for me was actually getting the chance to try different makeup looks, learning how to curl my hair, and getting a tiny bit better at applying falsies.

For Christmas this year my family agreed to be weird with me and wear giant animal Onesies all day. We host Christmas and it’s just a lot of hanging out and spending quality time with each other, except this year, in hilarious onesies.

For my onesie, I wanted to do a special makeup because a unicorn deserves something special.

Below is my makeup.

  1. Pink colourpop on lids
  2. Purple bare minerals outer v
  3. Blue shadow as liner
  4. Ardell natural lashes
  5. Rocket lippie from colourpop
  6. The amazing Giorgio Armani foundation

Here are Matt and I in our onesies! He was a frog and I was a unicorn.

 Here’s a closeup of the pink shadow and clearly still need work on my falsie application but it’s getting better. These lashes are super natural looking but I definitely wanted a thicker falsie.

 The Sunday after Christmas we had a family event doing a white elephant. I figured, let me try to curl my hair and was shocked when I was actually able to do it! Below is the curl success and the crazy lighting that made me look like an anime character.  For this look I used:

  1. Coastal scents palette and they’re real lashes primer I received in My birchbox
  2. It cosmetics Hello lashes mascara I got in my ipsy box
  3. Giorgio Armani foundation

I have never used a lash primer before but I’m really liking the way it looks. I’m still leaning toward the falsie look but for more dressed up events though.

Last night my mom and I went to long wood gardens to see all the Christmas displays. It was 37 degrees but I went for it with my hair and makeup.

I curled my hair(still shocked I’m able to actually do it,) and tried out some new falsies.

For this look:

  1. Coastal scents palette from my birchbox
  2. Ardell Demi wispies false lashes

My holiday makeup trials have taught me that I still need some practice on my eyeliner and falsie application, but I truly enjoy trying out new looks. I’m so glad I ordered a thicker lash for my falsies and cannot wait to keep working on perfecting their application.
Here’s to life slowing down a bit but to a wonderful holiday makeup and hair and lash exploration!

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