A Much Anticipated Stitch Fix: Fix #22

Have you ever just needed your Stitch Fix box? We just had the craziest storm here, 3 feet of snow, stuck in the house, I was REALLY looking forward to that Stitch Fix box landing on my doorstep.

This time I asked for a dress I kept seeing, I wanted to push myself to try some florals. It’s WAY outside my comfort zone, but as I’ve mentioned before, that’s my whole goal. Try new things. Try new silhouettes, new patterns, new materials. Life’s too short to only wear slimming black clothes.

I’m sure about some of these, others I’m torn.

Heeeeeerreee we go:

  1. Fate Ruby Maxi Dress
    fate ruby maxi

Soooooo I’m obsessed with this. The liner looks super short in photos, so I’m going to have to put it back on and make sure my lady bit aren’t going to be exposed or anything, but I’m just loving this dress. It’s so romantic, so different from anything I own, and I literally have at least 2 showers, 2 rehearsal dinners, 3 weddings etc. so this bad boy will get worn.
VERDICT: I am 98% sure I’m keeping this.

2. Skies are Blue Galla Mesh Detail Sweater
SKies are blue sweater

First things first, ignore my hair hahah. I cannot even look at it without laughing. This sweater I like the IDEA of, but it turns out I have a long torso, and this kinda looks like I’m trying on a too small sweater. Like the idea, love the mesh, love the cut, just can’t do this length on me.
VERDICT: Bye Felicia. Back it goes.

3. Market & Spruce Cordelia Sweater
Market and Spruce sweater

Again with my crazy hair. That’s my “I’m trying everything on real fast” hair. I like this sweater, it’s longer, fun color, something I don’t have…I’m just torn on it. What do you think?
VERDICT: So torn. Should I keep this?

4. Loveappella Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt
loveappella sweatshirt

This isn’t like some “OH MY GOD I ADORE THIS” moment. This is just the “fancy” sweatshirt I have seen pinned a million times and have coveted. It’s so comfortable, it’s exactly my idea of the perfect errands top. You look put together while running around living your life.
VERDICT: Keeping. Duh. This was easy.

5. Mystree Jackie French Terry Jacket
mystree jacket

MERP. That’s how I feel about his one. Again, #longtorsoproblems. The jacket is SUPPOSED to be cropped but it’s EXTRA cropped on my torso. I just don’t love it enough to keep it, and I think these stripes make me look wider.

Overall I loved my Fix, mostly the dress. Still debating some pieces but I loved getting that box on my doorstep. Put a smile on my face!

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