Badgley Mischka Forbidden Territory Gown review

As you all now, I’m obsessed with Rent the Runway. I hate wearing the same dress to anything because I have a photographic memory about what other people wore to events, and therefore, hate to repeat. 

If you’re like me, try Rent the Runway, you get to wear dresses that you’d otherwise never get to wear. I cannot afford a Badgley Mischka dress, and this weekend I wore my second. 

The dress was for my husband’s Christmas party (moved because of snow,) and I just wanted a sexy dress that was also classy. Enter; the forbidden territory gown

I’ll be totally honest, when I first tried it on I hated it. I was having one of those “you’re gross” days and my husband looked at me in the dress and said “you’re crazy, you look great!” 

Just a small reminder to myself to stop being so hard  on my body sometimes. We all have things we would change, but after my pep talk, I worked that dress. I loved every curve I have and stuck out my leg, thicker thighs and all. 

And guess what…I think those curves look damn good in that dress.

Since I’m also obsessed with hair and makeup, I got a blowout for this as well. Did my own makeup using this Pinterest image as my guide: 

 I was pretty stoked when my hairdresser asked me where I got my makeup done, because I did it on my own. 

I used:

  • Naked 2 palette
  • Giorgio Armani 425 and 325 mixed with beauty blender
  • Nars concealer
  • Maybelline liquid eyeliner 
  • Ardell Demi wispies false eyelashes 

All in all the dress was amazing, taught me to love my curves all over again. I felt sexy and sophisticated and will continue my love affair with Rent the Runway!

This is how the night ended, someone caught my husband and I kissing on the dance floor and sent it to me jokingly saying “so gross” but this photo epitomizes how I felt in the dress, and how he felt about it too 😍

My fashion adventures continue as my next stitch fix arrives soon!

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