Stitch Fix #23: All Good Things

I have been counting down the days until that sweet sweet Stitch Fix box arrives. It just brightens my whole day.

This round I wanted a full outfit, wanted a white blazer, and requested a shoe, something different for me.

Oh man, I loved so so much.

Let’s just get into this one, drumroooollllllll:

  1. BC Footwear Sidekick Mixed Material Oxfords
    bc mixed material oxfords
    I am in love. This is what shoe love feels like. They are so different than what I usually wear, booties, flats etc. It’s a whole new style that I’m super super into and I cannot wait to wear these to everything.

Verdict: Keeping, oh yes yes yes, I am keeping.

2. Papermoon Violeta 3/4 Sleeve Blouse
This is the first time I have wished I had a smaller chest. This shirt fit so well every where else, but it was too tight across my chest. I loved it so much I would consider going up a size, but think it would look too boxy then. It has gorgeous scallop details and layers, super super cute.

Verdict: Sadly returning, I’m not real into duct taping my chest down. haha.

3. 41Hawthorn Cristen Dress
I liked this dress, but I didn’t love it. The silhouette is amazing, but I don’t know if it was the print or what but I just didn’t love it. I’m not sure if in a month I’ll be kicking myself for not keeping it, but I just didn’t love it.
Verdict: Torn, but it goes back.

4 & 5. Market & Spruce Knit Blazer and Just Black High Rise Straight Leg Jean

blazer and jeans

I mean c’mooooon. I took a million photos in this. If you recall I received a white blazer before with some texture on it in a previous fix, it just wasn’t my jam. THIS ONE; however, is so so good. Knit Blazers y’all, the blazer for the lady with curves. It hugs you in all your favorite places, and just

I’m also wearing the Just Black jeans. They were a high rise which made me cautious, but what HAVE I BEEN DOING?!? High rise jeans are amazing. I also wasn’t so sure about the straight leg, but heck yes, I’m digging it. Straight legs end up looking like skinny jeans on me anyways, because of my booty and thighs, so the real difference is the calf area. I’m into it, and the distressing on the jeans.

I paired the blazer and jeans with the Sam Hi Lo tee I got in a previous fix and a pre-layered necklace I snagged on and finished the whole look with the Oxfords from this Fix.

Verdict: Clearly keeping the blazer and jeans. So in love with both.

This Fix was fun, and it pushed me. I think that is my favorite kind, when it’s something I’m not used to. I usually stick to skinny jeans and knits shirts, but this time it’s a blazer, straight jeans and oxfords. I love pushing my comfort zone and testing my boundaries. This time it paid off, sometimes you end up hating everything…so we’ll count this as a win!

Here’s to my next adventure!

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