Stitch Fix #24, Hello Spring Florals!

Spring is so close, you can feel it on those 60 degree days placed between freezing rainy days…it just makes me crave floral prints. I know spring is RIGHT THERE, trying to peek through.

For this Fix I wanted florals. Florals in every style, I was willing to push myself beyond my normal go tos.

Let’s see what I got, and what I kept. (don’t mind my makeup free face..)

dex blouse

  1. Dex Ramuz Lace Back– This is what I would call my usual style. Little edge to it, fun zipper detail, and floral. For some reason this one just didn’t WOW me, I wanted something different, something I don’t usually wear. I like this shirt, it fits nice, but inevitably I’m trying to push myself into new things and new styles.
    VERDICT: Sent back

flower blouse

2. Creative Commune Glenlea Blouse- This was outside my usual comfort zone, as I don’t go for florals. I liked the silhouette of the tops, I liked the cut, but these particular florals weren’t doing it for me. I think it’s a skin tone thing. Beige isn’t my friend I’m finding.
VERDICT: Bye Bye Beige Floral

split back top

3. RD Style Novali Split Back Tank-  So this shirt is edgy, shocker, I love it. This is very Kaitlyn Bristowe, the former bachelorette star whose style I adore. It’s understated sexy, looks like a normal tank then BAM, open back. I like that I can wear it as is or with a tank under it. I also like the way it hugs my curves, I’m super into it. HELLO SPRING! It also feels like heaven on, always a nice bonus.
VERDICT: Keeping. Great piece as is, great for layering.

denim jacket

4. Just USA Denim Jacket-  I want a freaking denim jacket. It’s a unicorn for me. I am finding that knit jackets/sweater/etc. are more suited for my curves. I love this but clearly it does not fit my chest…I paired it with the maxi I kept from a previous Fix. I just cannot find a good denim jacket, but the search for my unicorn jacket will continue.
VERDICT: Going back, the denim jacket unicorn evades me once again.

cold shoulder top

5. Le Lis Ludo Cold Shoulder Top– This was the surprise of the century. I looked at it with distaste as I pulled it from the box, but then…I put it on. It’s SUPER BOHO, which if you know me is not my usual go to (although I’ve been dabbling here and there with hair and makeup.) This shirt surprised me. It feels amazing, it’s super flowy, which is usually hard for me since I’m curvy, but I love it. It’s definitely not a “look at my tiny waist” type of shirt, but I know I’m going to wear the hell out of this in spring and summer. Can’t wait to pair it with shorts!
VERDICT: Pushing myself and keeping this. Excited to wear it with my new hairstyles, makeup and all the time when it gets warmer!

Overall, I’m super happy with everything. I am glad I’m pushing myself and kept an edgy piece that I KNOW I’ll wear layered and as is, and super happy I kept the boho top to try to expand my wardrobe.

Here’s to the next adventure, hair and makeup styled with the boho top!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rylie630 says:

    What a great fix! Love all the floral pieces, but especially LOVE the cold shoulder top!

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      I’m in LOVE. There’s so many good cold shoulder tops that I’m seeing on pinterest too from them!

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