Stitch Fix #25: Shoes and A Dress To Die For

This Fix I was up for anything. Things that will work for spring and summer, flattering silhouettes, and I have desperately been wanting/stalking lace up pointed flats.

Here’s what I got:

1.Pistola Cargo Skinny Pant– I can’t even show a photo because when I pulled them out of the box they looked child-sized. I thought, well this will be devastating and I attempted to put them on. Apparently these were my size but they were not actually my size.

VERDICT: obviously not keeping them, going back.

2. Skies are Blue Tunic– tunic

So I like it. It has a nice cinched in waist, I always ask for plaid because I love it…I just didn’t love this shirt. If it was Fall I would have been all over this, but I’m just not.

VERDICT: Goes back, I might regret it, but it goes back.

3. Gilli Casondra Knit Dress-

gilli knit dress

Ummm..YES PLEASE. So in the past two years my silhouette has changed. This is a straight fitting dress, and apparently that’s my new favorite. Straight-fitting knit clings to curves. It’s hard to tell how great the back is when you’re selfie talking, but it knots in the back. I just love it. Super light-weight, easy to dress up or down. I feel really good in this, and that doesn’t always happen. Big big fan.

Verdict: do we even have to guess. KEEPING!

4. Skies are Blue Zivon Top-

zivon lace top

So this one. Unsure all the way around. It’s super fitted on my chest, and more fitted than I thought this would be, but I like it. The lace hem and top part are really pretty, cobalt is a go to color, and although I’m in leggings, I tried it on with different shorts and it’s super cute.

Verdict: Currently debating.

5. Mia Mirna Lace-Up D’Orsay Flats

mia lace up flat

WHAT.THE.WHAT? These are amaze-balls. I signed up for the liketoknowit app on Instagram (super dangerous and amazing,) where you heart something and it will email you the entire outfit of that person and where to buy it. Long story short I have “liked” these on instagram about 1 million times and have wanted something JUST LIKE THIS. Not even kidding, the Stitch Fix Box arrive, I was WAITING ON THE PORCH, and the Fed Ex guy was like “Oh, waiting for me?” and I started cheering. I ripped open my box and THESE were in it. I put them on, and wore them to dinner that night. OBSESSED.

Verdict: Duh. Keeping.

So this Fix had some great pieces I loved and okay pieces. Still debating on the blue shirt, I have two more days to figure it out.

Here’s to the next one!

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