Younique Lip Stain and Brow Kit

I love a good lipstick, but one of the most annoying parts of wearing color on my lips is the constant anxiety of reapplication.
I read a boot lip stains and wanted to try the younique brand.
I watched countless YouTube videos trying to pick a shade, and panicked and picked the lightest color they had: shy.


This is the shade I went with. It goes in like water, doesn’t dry out your lips,  but I’d give it a C.
The color faded off my lips after a meal. It doesn’t kiss off like they say but it definitely wears off on me.
Now the brow kit; different story. I love it and feel it gives me more natural looking brows.


Here’s me with the brow kit and lip stain on.


I like the color of the lip stain,  love that it doesn’t dry out my lips, but I wish it stayed on all day like they claim.
I’ve tried a few different applications but nothing seems to make it last more than a few hours on me.
Here’s to finding a stain that does stay all day. Let me know if you have one you love!

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