Stitch Fix # 26: The Hunt for A Jumpsuit Has Ended!

About three years ago I was in a TJ Maxx and tried on a jumpsuit. At that time, I wasn’t comfortable with my curves, I wasn’t up on fashion, I just wasn’t confident in my clothing choices and being bold.

The jumpsuit was amazing, but I put it back on the rack and walked away. I have literally been looking for that jumpsuit since that day, with no success.

It fit so wonderfully, felt like pajamas and was also flattering, sounds like a unicorn right?

Well after my Stitch Fix arrived, the Unicorn Jumpsuit has been caught!

This was not the best Fix for me with amount of things I kept, but overall happiness, I’m a 10 out of 10!

Let’s get started:

  1. Market & Spruce Carlee Knit Jumpsuit

Obviously I’m in love, I took a million photos and I raved about it above. I legit feel like i’m wearing pajamas and these just hit in all the right spots. I love that it’s easy to be casual or dressed up, I could rock low top sneakers with this or heels and jewelry. LOVE THIS JUMPSUIT!


2. Yosi Samra Studded Flats-

yosi flats

So these are super cute. They have a studded back part, a studded ankle band that is removable, but they’re $110. I just could not justify that price for foldable flats. I loved that they fold up, but again, the price made the decision for me.

VERDICT: If I had kept all 5, this would have been a sweet deal. Going back.

3. See U Soon Kegan Lace Top

see you soon tannk

The perfect navy tank. It fit well everywhere, and will be perfect for our trip to Vegas in May.

VERDICT: Keeping, fit great, love it.

4. Bay To Baubles Necklace:

Forgot to take a photo OOPS! It was a gorgeous necklace, just too big for me.

VERDICT: bye bye bauble.

5. Kut From the Kloth Dayna Jean White Denim:

WOMP WOMP. no photo. These were super tight, and horrendous on. Turns out, my hunt for white jeans does not match up with my thicker thighs. Yikes.

VERDICT: these went RIGHT into the return bag.


Overall I would have been sad about the overall, but I can’t be because I’m in love with this jumpsuit so so much. The tank is a great staple wardrobe piece, so I’m stoked to have both of them.

Here’s to my next adventure…Debating between two Rent the Runway dresses, a new makeup trial for a big event on Saturday…let’s see how it all turns out in my next post!

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