Stitch Fix #28, A Pricey Dress I’m Still Debating…

All July 4th BBQ, All the Time. That was my request for this Fix. I wanted all red, white and blue things. I had blue shorts, white jeans and blue and white shorts, so mostly red things.

In all honesty I wasn’t a huge fan of the shirts. I’ve been working out a ton so I’m a-okay showing off my hard work with more fitted items, and the tops just sat on me oddly. You can clearly tell by the stink-face I’m making in the photos.

Let’s get right into it:

  1. THE KORNER  Gaspar Pleat Detail Blouse
    This shirt looked okay from the front, nice lines and the neckline was great. The side view looked like a paper sack hanging off me. The material was great though, super light for a hot summer day. Just wasn’t my favorite and since I only need one BBQ outfit, bye shirt!
    VERDICT: Going back

    Gaspar Pleat Detail Blouse

  2. ALICE BLUE Edi Cutout Detail Blouse-
    Love the neckline, love the cutouts. As you can see by my face there was just a ton of extra material. Maybe I need to go down in sizes? The shirt actually made me look heavier from the side and that is clearly not anyone’s goal.
    VERDICT: great neckline detail, wish it just fit me better

    ALICE BLUE Edi Cutout

  3. MARKET & SPRUCE Bingley V-Neck Knit Tank Top-
    Knit clothes are my friend. This shows off my hard work a whole lot better, but, and I realize I am a little OCD, the lines don’t match up on the shirt. They go down on one side and across on the other. I just couldn’t get over it. The top was a great fit and great price but can’t do it.
    VERDICT: Love the fit but goes back.

    MARKET & SPRUCE  bingley knit top

  4. SEAVEES Army Issue Perforated Sneakers-
    I am REALLY tough on low top sneakers. They are another unicorn for me that truly might not exist. I want a sneaker that will work with my fallen arches, offer support, look cute with anything, and don’t make my feet look giant. (Like I said, a unicorn of shoes.) These were close, but not quite.
    VERDICT: These go back and the search continues


  5. ELIZA J. Daytona Knit Maxi-
    I straight up TWIRLED in this and sang “Matchmaker Matchmaker send me a dress!” This dress is STUNNING in person. I thought it was red white and blue but it’s a tad orangey-red. I’m obsessed to put it mildly. It’s a little too dressy for our BBQ but I’m starting to think, who cares I’m the hostess so I can wear it?

    I need help? I think I’m going to do it, it’s one of the Higher Price Point items that Stitch Fix now offers, so I’m struggling with this one…but it’s so so pretttttyyyy!!

    VERDICT: still debating.

    ELIZA J. Maxi

So there you have it. Tons of red, white, and blue for our 4th of July BBQ. I have a few days to ponder this dress, I’m leaning yes, and trying desperately to justify it 🙂

Only 3 weeks til my next Fix, and I’m gearing up to finish these cabinets in the kitchen with some gel stain so I’ll have a post on that towards the end of June!

Here’s to more adventures!

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