Stitch Fix #30, Skirts and Dresses Please!

I wanted great dresses and a floral skirt I’ve seen pinned over and over and just had to try. I loved some things, I didn’t love others.

Let’s start with the loves. I need a dress for a shower where the bride and groom are PSU alums, like myself. I wanted a navy and white theme.

This dress seriously delivers:
1. Adrianna Papell-Devorah Dress
adriana papell devorah

This dress is amazing. I have to still wear a light spanx with it, because even after all my working out, I still have a gut. Even with a bit of stomach though, I still love this dress. I love the silhouette, I love the line, I love the fabric of it.
VERDICT: I think I’m keeping…I Think.

2. Gilli Maynard Maxi Dress-
Gillia Maynard

I like this dress, I don’t love it. I wish the top part fit better, and I just wasn’t wowed by it like I was with the Adriana Papell dress. I have a few Maxi dresses I’m obsessed with so unless it wows me, It goes back.
VERDICT: Nice, but going back, don’t need it.

3 & 4.  Pixley Eve Floral Skirt & Pixley Tarcil Mesh Blouse-
pixley eve floral
I have seen this skirt on pinterest, and desperately wished it looked better on me, but it does not. Something about the length, it was just a bit too long on my short legs. I also WANT to love floral, but mostly feel like a grandmom in most of it. The blouse is cute too, but it’s a more boxy shape than I prefer. LOVE the color, cobalt is always my jam.
VERDICT: Both go back.

5. Skies are Blue Wyndel V Neck Peplum top
skies are blue peplum
Again, wanted to love this top, but I think fitted the whole way down is just best for me. I paired this top with the floral skirt and with a pink denim skirt I have of my own. It was cute from the front but from the side, no thanks.
VERDICT: Goes back.

I wanted to try some new styles and push myself and I feel like I was able to do that. I’m still debating the striped Adrianna Papell dress, but I’m leaning towards yes. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on that one!

Here’s to another Stitch Fix Adventure!

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